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ABC Awards Approved!


teaching stitching smallABC External moderator Ms Jan Wise reviewed Fashion Enter’s range of multi-level sewing and textiles courses to ensure quality and standards are maintained throughout. Wise systematically went through selected assessments including workbooks, lesson plans, health and safety units, practical work examples and feedback sheets.

Her response to each of the criteria was extremely positive and she summerised the report with:The courses are very successful and have enabled learners to achieve and progress in their chosen careers.”

This is a successful ‘pass’ for Fashion Enter and now means that the company has direct claims on all qualifications. A major achievement for the company and the Fashion Enter / FTA education team!

Esme, Operations Manager for Education & Learning at Fashion Enter, comments:

“I am so very pleased with the latest ABC Awards External Verifier moderation report for two of our apprentices. A big thank you and well done to Jenny Holloway, our lead Internal Quality Verifier! The report is a reflection of how high we keep our standards when it comes to quality assurance, which is positive and supportive. The feedback given whilst our learners are on programme is strong with clear actions. Credit to Jenny and Beth for creating workbook tasks which are closely linked to assessment criteria. The evidence is extensive, making for a very professional course.”

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