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Mentoring the Next Generation of British Fashion Talent


fc trunk show smallCEO of FashionCapital, Jenny Holloway (pictured right) explains:

“From 2001-2006 we worked for Government supporting new and emerging designers. It was fantastic – we were paid to develop innovative business solutions that really worked. We opened a shop in Bluewater that took £36,000 a week for new designers.  A fashion event ‘Profile’ which showcased in New York, along with hand-held mentoring and support.  

“When the funding ended the company struggled with providing the service because it’s that age-old problem that ‘time is money’ and we only wanted to provide a top quality service. We then had to restrict our membership to just 100 designers a year.

“However, now we have Tracey Parks-Taylor joining us and we can really kick start support for new and emerging designers again. Already following our Manchester FashionCapital Trunk Show we have 40 new members lined-up to join. Plymouth is the next stop on June 22nd so come and join us!

“A big welcome to Tracey who officially joins us 1st June but is already merrily working away behind the scenes.”

22 march traceyTracey (pictured left) comments: “I am looking forward to mentoring and hand holding the next generation of emerging and established British designers at Fashion Capital. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share my 30-years of Fashion Marketing experience gained at Director level with Global Brands, the most recent of these being Monsoon Accessorize. It’s great to be able to put something back into the industry that has supported my entire career.

“The team of mentors at FashionCapital represent all areas of the industry and between us we are able to offer end to end support from initial design concept to consumer.

“FashionCapital has a unique and nurturing environment, not only does it have an established and successful apprenticeship and mentoring scheme, it is also home to a working factory supplying clothing to a host of major high street and designer brands. This kind of exposure is gold dust to designers.

“The FashionCapital Mentorship Scheme will truly provide each individual the best possible foundation for a successful career in one of the most highly competitive industries.”

In terms of the Marketing aspect, the mentorship will cover:

* Helping designers understand the importance of Brand building and establishing a unique DNA.

* Understanding consumer behaviour and the key to success. CRM (Customer Relation Management) in terms of reach and acquisition.

* Market awareness, playing to the Brands advantage whilst closely watching competitors.

* Risk management, assessing the market positioning of the brand and its potential for success.

* Developing a plan with integrated marketing and communications across all disciplines with a launch strategy.

* Ensuring that there is a minimum of a three year vision in terms of strategy

More on this fantastic development soon.

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