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BCE Careers & Progression Takeover 2017


Big creative education esme razina

Esme and Razina

BCE sought out potential contributors that were willing to generously volunteer their time to support the career goals and aspirations of young adults and Fashion Enter was happy to oblige from a fashion manufacturing perspective.

OFSTED inspectors were also present on the day. Operations Manager of the Fashion Technology Academy Esme Tecle said: “I was really impressed with the fact that one of the OFSTED inspectors came by our stand and told me she knew our CEO Jenny Holloway and had once been to Fashion Enter. She said that we do really good things here.”

BCE caters to around 500 creative young people in the academic year who aspire to work in a career in the creative industries, in areas such as Games Design, Fashion & Styling, Performing Arts, Music Production, Music Performance, Events & Marketing, and Creative Media.  

Esme and Fashion Enter Pattern Room Assistant/Junior Pattern Cutter, Razina, met with fashion students that are currently being tutored by up and coming designer Wesley Harriott, who has featured in Vogue and London Fashion Week. The students were very skilled and were already trained with industrial sewing machines as well as pattern cutting. They were considering going to university as well as applying for an apprenticeship.

Big creative education workshop

Razina recently completed her apprenticeship with Fashion Enter and was hired as a Pattern Room Assistant/Junior Pattern Cutter, she talked about her experience and could relate with the young learners. Razina explained the reasons that made her choose the apprenticeship pathway.  

Fashion tutor Wesley said: “Thank you so much for this morning’s workshop, I think some of the students are not thinking of going into university so this is definitely something worth for them to consider.”

Wesley was also considering getting his clothing line samples made in our Fashion Studio!

Razina said: “It was interesting to see how many learners wanted to pursue a career in fashion via apprenticeships or university programmes. I was glad to play a role in helping young people to make an informative decision about their career.”

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Other organisations that attended were Eye Speak TV, ‘Leap’, NCS, Guild Hall, Coventry University and UAL.

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