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Telestia Centre To Open at the FTA


anastasia patterns march 17Jenny Holloway, CEO of FashionCapital, Fashion Enter and the FTA comments…

“We have been working with Anastasia Vouyouka (pictured fourth from the left), the founder and designer of Telestia, for over 2-years now and it’s a logical progression to open a Telestia Centre here at the FTA.  We shall be opening September 2017 and we shall be creating taster days for designers to experience the expertise of the Telestia programme.”

Telestia was originally created as an online distance-learning programme for fashion and clothing skills developed by SITAM-AB. Founder Anastasia learned her business skills through studying a Business Studies Course at the City of London Polytechnic as well as taking training in a Pattern Cutting and Fashion Design in Italy.

In 2004 SITAM-AB launched the eTelestia eLearning portal which offers Online Courses for Self-Learning with Tutor Support, in 6 languages. These courses are based on the original training materials of SITAM-AB, using its patented methodology and an innovative pedagogical approach in the use of multimedia.

The eTelestia course has been chosen among 100 projects to get the ‘Platinum European Seal of Excellence in Multimedia 2005’ by the EMMAC (European Multimedia Associations’ Conventions). It has also been given the ‘Europrix Quality Seal Award’ 2002.

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Anastasia has the belief and vision that: “Keeping a central guiding principle, clarity and simplicity in learning, we innovate and improve all the time, to help and let creators be free to focus on creation.”

On working with Fashion Enter Anastasia says: “I came across Fashion Enter about two years ago and I was immediately struck by the way the company operates in such a similar way to Telestia. The aim of improving skills and up-skilling the workforce is what I have always strived to achieve and that’s why our unique collaboration with Fashion Enter is a winning formula.

For over 2-years now Fashion Enter has adopted Telestia’s methodology and practices in the classroom after an in-depth visit and introduction by Anastasia. The Level 1 and 2 Perfect Patterns courses have since offered hands-on skills in technical pattern drafting and cutting.

perfect patterns telesta

Telestia provides for the Fashion Industry a coherent, accurate, proven pattern making and design methodology, which allows an articulate dialogue between the designer and the pattern cutter.”  Nicola Ridd-Davies, former student.

“I have learned more in 5 days than I have in 5 years of education and 20 years of practice.”

The Telestia Centre at the FTA is due to open this September 2017 – more details will be released in due course.

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