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Second Fabric Appreciation Short Course!


We are excited to announce that our second short course in Fabric Appreciation will be held on the 26th April from 9.30am – 1.30pm with former M&S fabric technician Deborah Shulton.  Having held the first of the seminars on the 3rd February, we received much interest for a second one!

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.51.03 amOffering insightful, in-depth and hands on knowledge for both beginners and those already with some experience within textiles and the industry, Deborah Shulton will offer her expertise in fabrics, fires, dyeing, finishing and colour.

From the seminar, you can expect to learn the following;

        Fibre to Fabric; Explore the process from fibre to fabric and ensure you are able to tell the difference between natural and man-made fibres and their origins. 

        Dyeing and Finishing; Learn how and why colour is added to fibres and fabrics at specific stages, the effect on lead time of different dyeing methods, cost implications and finishing effects.

        Colour; Discover how we see and describe colour as Deborah informs you of how we  observe objects and visible spectrum of wavelengths to discover colour.

The seminar is set to be popular and tickets will be available on a first come first serve basis.

Previous attendees have commented;

The seminar was very interesting and I have found out a lot of different techniques.  Explanations of all of the processes were great.  It was really useful to understand how the fabrics are made.”

“I have learnt a lot more in depth knowledge of the process within fabric.  The course was fabulous.”

“This seminar has taught me all about fabrics, what they are made from and the process from start to finish… it was really interesting and knowledgeable – it makes you realise how long the process of fabric and finishing can be.”

“This course was brilliant, especially for people that have no training or a basic understanding.”

“I would definitely recommend this short course to university students.”

To register your interest in the event and to book your space, please contact: Jenni@fashion-enter.com

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