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To add insult to injury the unprofessional text from an assistant manager at Miller & Carter mocked the applicant with a laughing face emoji and disrespectful language. The employer concerned commented that the text message was intended for the manager and was sent to the applicant in error.

Jenny Holloway, CEO of FashionCapital and sister company Fashion Enter, said:

I do think the response by text by Miller & Carter was totally unacceptable!  However, here at Fashion Enter we understand how tough getting a job and the interview process can be. That’s why we have created our Employability Course where we really can prepare you and increase your chances of success.”

interview skills smallLevel 1 in Employability Skills:

Employability Skills is a 6-week course in which you will produce a CV, identify your skills and produce an effective cover letter. You will have the opportunity to practice your presentation skills for that all-important interview!

What you will study:

You will study 5 units with a total of 6 credits. Upon successful completion you will be awarded the ABC Level 1 Award in Employability Skills

The Units:

Applying for a Job, 1 credit

You will be shown how to research job opportunities and complete a job application correctly. This course also includes an effective CV and cover letter.

Interview Skills, 1 credit

You will be shown how to prepare for and take part in an interview; this will include preparation, planning and effect verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Developing time management skills, 1 creditgetting a job

You will learn how to develop skills in managing your time to effectively prioritise, plan and make decisions.

Overcoming barriers to work, 1 credit

You will explore issues which can impact on success at accessing and staying in work, including identifying barriers and how to plan for these.

Preparation for work, 2 credits

You will explore your own skills and qualities to identify key personal information needed for an application.

How you will be taught:

You will be classroom based and enjoy a variety of interactive sessions which will cover employability issues, using industrial sewing machinery and health and safety issues.

What can I do once I have completed the course?

Upon successfully completing the course, you can seek employment with your new found skills or you may consider progressing your studies with another course.

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday                                              

Times: 4 hours per day

Duration: 6 Weeks                                                                                      

Course Fee: £699

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