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New Qualifications Crucial For Skills


Here at Fashion Enter and the Fashion Technology Academy we are able to offer a six-week course in Machine Maintenance thanks to the help of Kyri Kriakides.kyri

“I have always been a great problem solver and I am also very good with my hands!  From a young age I was always involved in creating and making things so really engineering and machine maintenance was a natural progression for me. Over the last four years, but the last two years in particular, I have seen a real increase in the number of factories and CMT units that are setting up in London.  I now have over 100 accounts that I work on including Selfridges and Liberty and now it’s time to invest in the future of industry for me.” 

Continuing, Kyri explains why the development of the machine maintenance course here at the Fashion Technology Academy was crucial;

“I have developed the machine maintenance course with Fashion Enter and also the Certificate level 2 for Machine Maintenance too.  If we don’t invest in the future of tomorrow with new blood into the industry, we will not be able to keep the momentum growing with the re-shoring or production. These are exciting times indeed and Fashion Enter is the only company that has realised that we need to invest in skills training now for the future.”

The six-week level one course teaches students how to identify tools and components for a range of industrial machines, with teaching including routine maintenance and quality control checks.  Health and safety, a crucial topic, is covered within the course, ensuring the student is familiar with workshop safety and personal safety both on the factory floor when dealing with equipment and in general.  From here students will learn handling techniques and how to correctly use PPE.

If you want to find out more about the machine maintenance course please click here or contact education@fashion-enter.com

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