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This Week: Do You Know Your Fabric?


It is astonishing that many designers and buyers enter a fashion career with very little textile knowledge or understanding. This new course in ‘Fabric Appreciation’ gives an essential guide to textiles and a general appreciation of textile manufacturing in a live factory environment. It also covers some of influences on cost; lead time and quality.

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Delivered in an interactive way the course includes yarn, fabric and garment samples to illustrate key techniques. Each course participant will be given a copy of all handouts used so that they can keep them for reference and use them during the course to add their own notes. This introductory course is perfect for fashion students, designers, assistant buyers and those starting out in the fashion industry – no previous textile knowledge is necessary.

The 4-hour Fabric Appreciation course includes:

                      Natural and man made fibres and their properties 

                      Creating the yarn including an explanation of different yarn count systems 

                      Creating the fabric: Weaving and Knitting and common fabric constructions and their properties.

                      How and why colour is added at specific stages

                      The effect on lead times and cost of different dye methods

                      Different finishing effects that can be achieved mechanically and chemically

                      Best practices for looking at colour

                      The language of colour 

                      Colour Measurement

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About Deborah Shulton:

deborah shulton fabric tech tutorDeborah (pictured right) worked as a Fabric Technologist for Marks & Spencer for 20-years having studied Textile Technology at University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) where she was sponsored by Marks & Spencer. During her time at Marks & Spencer she worked across most Ladies wear departments covering all major textile industries. Deborah was part of the original team responsible for introducing the Autograph brand to the high street retailer in 2000. After leaving Marks & Spencer in 2008, Deborah studied to obtain a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and has since combined Textile consultancy work at a number of major UK retailers, with training buyers, assistant buyers and sales staff in Textiles.

The first date for this course is Thursday 2nd February 2017 to express an interest and to find out more please contact: education@fashioncapital.co.uk or call 0208 809 3311

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