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How To Make A Handmade Felt Flower


With Remembrance Day only a week away, the FC Fabric Studio provide a step-by-step overview on how to make your very own poppy.  This tutorial can then be used to create any other flower of your choice, which can be worn as a broach or used to accessorise your outfit!Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 11.39.03 am

Materials you will need: 

* Fabric Scissors

* Paper scissors

* Brooch pin

* Needle

* Black and red thread/ colour’s that complement your chosen material and button

* Button

* Pattern paper

* Glue gun

* Fabric pen


1. Firstly, draw a half heart onto your pattern paper and fold it down the center to create a mirror image. 

2. Once happy with your outcome, cut out your heart shape using scissors and draw a straight line across the bottom half to be cut off. This should then create a symmetrical petal shape. 

3. You must then trace five identical petal shapes onto felt using your pattern and a fabric pen. 

4. Then cut around your felt pieces using fabric scissors. 

5. Using a needle and thread of matching colour, ruche the petals into shape using a running stitch on the bottom straight edge of the petal. (This can be created by making an in an out motion with your needle) 

6. Without cutting or tying off the thread, continue to thread in and out of the petals until all sit together in a long line. 

7. Pull your thread taught until the petals form a circular ruched, flower like shape. Sew the center of the petals with a simple tack stitch to ensure the components are securely in place. 

8. After this, sew your button into place, directly in the center of the flower. 

9. Lastly, using a hot glue gun, secure the brooch pin to the floral motif. 

Your product is now complete.

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