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What Should You Know To Become A Fashion Designer?


You should know that this is a profession that is highly challenging. The work of a fashion designer can range from supervising design teams to producing clothes or accessories under your very own label. Some of the careers are not as glamorous as others but there is always a degree of satisfaction that appears. Remember that creating a label does take dedication, hard work and time. There are many examples of people that made it, like Manolo Blahnik or Yves Saint Laurent. You can also do it if you have the dedication, but where should you start?

what should you know

Having A Strategy
Starting your climb up the career ladder can be done in different ways. For instance, the Ralph Lauren Empire appeared because of a small tie collection that ended up selling, very well. Bloomingdale came about after the Bloomingdale brothers found their selling point in womenswear and European fashion.
Although many stories appear, the reality is that you will want to think about getting a useful qualification at an established college or university. One that will cover what it takes to become a designer, teaching you both the practical and theory behind the role. This will automatically gain credibility to your resume. You should realise the fact that when there is a brand name behind you through a school, it will be easier to bag that difficult first job in this industry.

School Applications
There are many different fashion programs and training opportunities that are available. Some, Central Saint Martins for example, have the reputation that could jump start a career, churning out a number of high-end successful designers from Mary Katrantzou to Alexander McQueen, competition to get into these well-known schools is high. The key lies in your application.

Before you apply, learn all that you can about body types and see what women or men take into account as they look for clothes. For instance, see how a perfect prom dress is chosen and see what design rules have to be respected when you create something new. Only after you know the basics you can focus on preparing the applications.

Consider getting sewing and production experience so you understand how clothes are actually created and then get sketching experience by taking art classes – this aids a lot of proportion and form. In order to get accepted, you do not need to be perfect in drawing and sketching. However, you do need to show true passion about fashion.

Fashion Programs
According to FashionologyMag, fashion programs most commonly take 3 to 4 years. This takes you through fine arts, drawing, form and colour composition classes. Pattern making, cutting techniques and draping are also taught in ensuring you understand the considerations applied in design. A design school will give you a huge advantage of working closely with the entire industry, from grants to awards and financial support available for those interested.

Design school is not for everybody. If you are just interested in getting a job in the press side of the industry, you will not need the services of a design class or qualification. You will find more valuable knowledge in applying for fashion internship. It is really important that you first think about what you would like to do. Then, you can easily choose the next step to take in your career.

The Fashion Business
The designer is a creative, however must also have a good business head and sense of awareness. Fashion is all about corporations and you need to understand the real mechanics behind the fashion business. Read as many articles as you can about the fashion industry and do not be afraid to ask questions. Fashion Capital does help you out a lot from this point of view! Fashion schools have recently increased the number of business classes that are included in a curriculum, to ensure students learn everything from ad campaigns to licensing strategies. Information is needed and once you get it, you will be able to succeed.

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