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Decibel Mbatika Case Study


I recently took part in the ASOS and Fashion Capital Stitching Academy which took place in April. It was an amazing experience for me as I learnt many of the basic yet fundamental sewing skills as well as some challenging methods of sewing which helped boost my skills. The Stitching Academy not only helped me by teaching me sewing skills but also provided me the opportunity to be around like minded people which really boosted my confidence which helped me believe in my plans and dreams to become  a designer that much more and encouraged me to pursue them.


Since completing the Stitching Academy course I have gone on to start my own ethical fashion label called JJireh’s Way which is progressing slowly but surely. My main garment goal is to begin making and selling arm knitted jumpers and unisex jumpsuits. Whilst I am in the process of sourcing my materials for those two pieces I have introduced my brand by making and selling zipper pouches. I have two ranges that I make, one is my Upcycle-Recycle collection which is made from fabric trimmings that is given to me or that I have left over and the other is my Organic cotton and hemp range. I am currently selling at various events and markets and currently being stocked at a North London store.  You can find me at two upcoming events which are Glad Rags at the Dissenting Academy which will take place on the 5th of July and the other is the London Permaculture Festival which will be on the 6th of July.

The ethos of JJireh’s Way is encouraging people to take a more ethical approach to their fashion habits and to provide clothing that has been ethically and sustainably made. I am doing this through the products I am and plan to sell and also through my blog.

Check out Decibel’s interview with Jenny Holloway below: 

WEB: www.jjirehsway.com

EMAIL: jjirehsway@gmail.com

TWITTER: @JJirehsWay

Miss Decibel Mbatika

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