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Stitching Academy Students Visit ASOS HQ


The educational visit was set to give students an insight to ASOS.com and its involvement with new and developing projects. Students were given a dedicated day with ASOS.com staff to ask questions and get a detailed insight into the successful company.

The global e-tailer, based in a newly refurbished 100,000sqft office space in Camden is home to some of ASOS’ most well known services including the ASOS.com design room and ASOS.com catwalk.


Students arrived at 10:00 o’clock for a prompt 10:15 start, upon arrival were shown through to a fashion themed meeting room before being given a full introduction to the company with a video into how the company was founded, its projects and future goals.

Students were then invited to sit-in on a fitting session, advised to take notes on any problems that occurred and how the staff overcame this. Fitting a garment is a large part of the Stitching Academy criteria, and having the opportunity to see how one of the largest global e-tailers fit their garments was a great insight for the students, in aiding their course and current knowledge.

Later in the afternoon the learners were then given a detailed presentation on ASOS Marketplace, a fairly new initiative and how it is helping expand and grow ASOS.com into new fields of retail. Before another presentation into ASOS’ garment technology systems on how garments are checked to a standard to ensure they are suitable and wearable for the ASOS.com customer.


The day ended with a grand tour of the premises and a detailed Q&A with staff, for students to ask any remaining questions.

“Thanks for inviting me to ASOS head office, this visit has been a turning point in my future plans, today we were introduced to ASOS marketplace, which is a new platform for upcoming designers, it’s a great project that encourages new micro-businesses.  Personally I found that very inspiring and made me want to set up own collection. I had a very good vibe all around the building, the working conditions are second to none as well as a very productive and creative environment.

We were incredibly looked after by ASOS staff members, overall a great insight on how a fashion industry should work. Thank you so much Stitching Academy!!” – Evelyn Nava

“This was definitely one of the the most inspiring trips I have been on. I learnt  so much just from being there. Being [at ASOS HQ] reminded me of why I am studying with the Stitching Academy and doing what I am doing.  Not only did I learn so much it opened my eyes towards the fashion world, got to see things from the other side of the table, the work that went into producing high quality services.  I also had the opportunity to strengthen my friendship with the girls and guys [on the current course], I am quite sure I will stay friends with them even after the course.  Thank you so much for this great opportunity.” Elizabeth kapari Bagerbaseh

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