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Pattern Cutter Further Information





Job Description

Pattern cutters create templates which are used within the design department of a company. The patterns are based on the original illustrations by the designer, and may not always work. Pattern cutters create the pattern pieces in the form of pattern blocks, pattern bases or pattern dummies, which are patterns that are draped over a dummy to give a sense of what the garment will look like. However, there are also pattern cutters who use computer-generated models to get a sense of how the patterns will look. As a pattern cutter you will work alongside a machinist to create sample clothes. The fashion designers then analyse the samples and decide what pieces they want to add to their collection. Pattern cutters work in studios and some may spend a lot of time using computers.

Typical Duties

You would use three different methods to create patterns:

Skills and Interests

Job Requirements

You could look for work as a pattern cutter after taking relevant training, for example:

ABC Certificate/Diploma in Fashion and Textiles (Pattern Cutting) levels 2 and 3

City & Guilds Award in Creative Techniques in Fashion – Pattern Cutting levels 2 and 3

You could also get into this career after completing a higher level course, such as a foundation degree, BTEC HND or degree in clothing technology and production. You may be able to find an Apprenticeship with a clothing manufacturer or fashion Design Company. The range of Apprenticeships available in your area will depend on the local jobs market and the types of skills employers need from their workers.


With experience, you could progress to head pattern cutter or grader or, with further training, fashion designer or buyer. Employers range from exclusive designer and couture houses to larger manufacturers or fashion design houses, supplying high street clothing chain stores. Starting salaries can be from £12,000 a year. Experienced cutters can earn around £25,000 a year. Multi-skilled cutters and graders working for specialist or luxury clothing companies may earn more.

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