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Fashion Illustrator Further Information




Job Description

Most fashion illustrators work freelance, for various companies as it is competitive. Illustrators must be able to present detailed artwork of a very high standard. They may use drawing, painting, collage, and stencilling or image manipulation software in order to do this. Some work as forecasting illustrators for prediction services, when predictions have not yet been realised and photographs cannot be used. As a fashion illustrator you will work at creating accurate images using ideas, representing a diverse range of products. In general, as a fashion illustrator you will work closely with fashion designers and art directors to produce artistic, unique and creative visual images with the aid of traditional and digital media. The images created by fashion illustrator professionals are commonly integrated in print ads, television commercials, and online advertisements.

Typical Duties

Skills and Interests

Job Requirements

Initially having experience working within graphic design and related programmes, will help you get a job as a fashion illustrator. There is no exact requirement for the role with regards to degrees and such, but a relevant qualification or course will certainly make you stand out amongst the other applicants.  Having a diploma or MA in Graphic Design or Illustration may be advantageous, especially for illustrators who are interested in teaching as well. Most job requirements for this particular position vary, depending on each company’s needs


On average, it takes illustrators a good five or six years before they become established in the industry. Setting up as a freelance illustrator is risky, and many people decide to build up contacts and clients gradually, whilst doing other paid work. Career progression is relatively limited. The majority of illustrators will remain freelance illustrators and may enjoy a highly successful career. Some will successfully combine illustration with teaching. Others may progress from freelance illustrator to art director with a firm of publishers, and a small number may work as agents for other illustrators. Sample rates of pay for editorial work are: half a page: £250 – £600; one page: £350 – £800; cover: £500 – £3,000. Rates vary depending on the type of newspaper or magazine and whether the work is in black and white or colour. Publishing rates are £300 – £2,000 for a book cover. Advertising can pay well: £1,500 – £3,500 for a full page in a magazine; £2,000 – £10,000 for a billboard poster. But it really depends on your reputation, and most illustrators being freelance, have various rates.

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