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Job Description

Event organisers, plan festivals, conferences, exhibitions, fairs, promotions, product launches, fundraising and social events. They are responsible for organising the venues right through to the decoration. The role of an event organiser is hands on, and usually means you will complete a wide range of activities within a team. An event organiser must be able to create ideas, and bring the ideas to life through the planned event.

If you decide to pursue this career you will be working in either of the following:


Typical Duties


Skills and Interests


Job Requirements

It is unlikely that you will find a graduate training scheme in events management or a direct-entry job being advertised. Most companies recruit when opportunities arise and jobs are generally open to any graduate that is able to demonstrate the required skills, and qualities. Entry without a degree or HND is sometimes possible with relevant work experience. Organisations are keen to employ people that already have relevant experience in the field.


Promotional opportunities may involve moving from an assistant post to a team leader position. Career progression is usually determined after moving in between companies or setting up as a freelance events management consultant. You must build up a strong base of contacts to further your career in this area. The Salary Ranges are as follows:


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