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Remi Antoine



I will be doing this until April 2013. This work experience fits around my studies and is really helpful to me because it will give me an insight into the fashion world and help me explore all different areas.

The side I’m most interested in is the writing side and media I’m looking forward to learning about fashion media I’m also looking forward to working in a team. I work well on my own but better in a team.



I’ve been interested in fashion since I was 11, when I started secondary school and that’s when I decided that I wanted to work with fashion and media. I learned so much in the 3 years that I was learning the fashion design subject and did a lot of work. My work experience placement is really helpful and important to me because I’m getting and insight into the fashion world and learning at the same time.

In the future I would love to be able to write Articles/programmes for ITV, BBC, Britons next top model. That would be my dream job. At school I’ve already started on some Articles and some journalist work and I’m building my knowledge about media as I go along.

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