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Feedback on the Ravensbourne Delivery Day


1: Positive Comments

2: Useful Contacts

– David Jones
– FashionCapital
– All speakers
– London Fashion Forum

3: Negative Comments

4: Where could the LFF improve?

5: Was the event value for money?

Of those that answered 100% said Yes

6: Would you participate in a LFF event again?

All participants answered Yes they would

7: Marks out of 10

– Pre Support to the event – 40% rated this to be 8/10
– Organisation – 100% rated this to be 8/10 or above
– Venue – 30% rated this to be 6/10
– Overall Standard – 100% rated this to be 7/10 or above with 51% rating it as 9/10

8: Additional Comments

“I think what you are doing is very good” David Thomas – Student

“I missed half of the event therefore I can’t say much, but the part where I was present was great” Salmez Zardasht – Student

“Was very helpful and insightful talk from people who really know the ins and outs of the industry and its many sectors” Katherine Spens – Student

“Thank you very much” – Monica – Student

“Its very helpful to know where you can ask when your out there on your own” Camilla Evenrud – Student

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