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UEL Delivery Day


Special mention must go to Kate Davey from the Textiles Department for organising the successful event as the feedback below demonstrates.

1:Gave me a good insight into fashion and textile companies
2: Very informative, I learnt lots about support available
3: Very helpful insight into business development
4:It was very useful and important information given out, very clear
5: Its been very informative and a lot of advice and discussions have been useful and beneficial.
6: Very helpful for the future
7: Friendliness, knowledge of business, lots of informative handouts, the knowledge of the website
8: It was asked at the beginning of the talk which areas we are interested in. This was so they could talk about relevant things for us.
9: Very informative, good advice and handouts
10: Very friendly people. Loads of really good information. I don’t feel so lost anymore!” (Caroline Hoy)
11: I found it really helpful and a great insight into business after university and setting up a company (Charlotte Chamberlain)
12: Information was positive
13: Started on time and finished in time – all presenters were able to discuss in detail what they were here for (Grace Akyaa Dwase)

Additional Comments
1: Very useful event, know a lot more about own business (Rosie Warwick)
2: I feel more confident about the “real world” I’ve learnt that there is more help and advice out there!” (Julia Baldwin)
3: Good sources on information handed out, verbally and with the website. All great help towards what I want to do and gathering information and will be using it all – thanks! (Laura Walsh)
4: Keep up the good work and keep spreading the word on this useful resource that helps and gives advice to a lot of people. (Natasha Chitolie)
5: Handouts were very nice to have and helpful (Becca Barnard)
6: Thanks a lot – I will be using your skills in the future (Caroline Hoy)
7: The presentation was accurate, up to date and the presenters knew what they were talking about. Excellent presentation. (Grace Akyaa Dwase)

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