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Surrey Delivery Day Analysis


Positive Comments
o Representatives very helpful
o Very helpful, good information
o Employees and Fashion Forum
o Lots of information about the fashion world
o It is a fantastic event many issues that I have not experience in or at university is covered to have awareness for my future career.
o Very informative
o Good speakers / informative
o Good advice in every aspect of fashion
o Lots of relevant information and advice
o Interesting about the industry
o Gives you a clear insight into the industry
o Good lots of promotion and contacts
o It was very informative about the crucial things we need to know before entering the industry
o Very informative, lots of information on how to get started and processes we will need to go through
o Informative information about all jobs in fashion
o Very informative about all aspects of help on offer. Goood guest speakers
o Learnt much about networking, good to hear from people in industry and their stories
o Great contact details, great advise, approachable speakers, a way forward
o Very clear, very informative the various representatives have you some great insight into starting out.
o It was excellent to hear “real life” stories
o Very clear and relevant also very helpful
o Helpful information on finding help and business work information
o I found it very useful and informative
o A good understanding of help provided
o It was very interesting and presented lots of things for me to think about
o Very useful for students to know about
o The info given and how it is presented

What contacts did you make?
o Membership
o FashionCapital
o Amy, Yvonne, Kiki

Negative Comments
o It is not long enough

What do you think the LFF could improve?
o Would have been nice to have the talk whilst in the second year
o None, any information we need we have the opportunity to email
o I am pleased at current event
o Buying/Marekting
o More info on buying and also what to do after graduating

What should the LFF target?
o Can’t think of anything…you target everything
o Work placements and information on existing companies
o Perhaps lingerie
o I don’t know, all very informative, fashion led and open minded
o Perhaps help with how to best launch yourself outside Britain
o Marketing  / Management
o Not just final year students

o Of those that answered 100% thought the event was value for money

o Of those that answered 100% would attend a LFF event again

o Of those that answered 100% rated the overall standard of the event as 8 out of 10 or above.

Additional Comments
o Overall very useful for students who need to know about the fashion business – Ava Edwards
o It was a very helpful and valuable talk that is useful and I will definitely make use of the LFF in the future – anon
o Very useful information and wide knowledge nice to hear peoples own experiences and advice – anon
o Thank you for coming – Wai-Ling Lau Anna
o Lots of useful information, making us aware of what is necessary when setting up a business – anon
o The speakers were really clear and friendly and answered questions well. They were very good – Sarah Eves
o Very useful, thanks – Simon Holden
o It was worth coming along – S Francois
o Great to be able to know where to find contacts – Gabbi Vetsch

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