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UCE Delivery Day Analysis


Positive Comments
o Introduced us to what to expect after university and about setting up a business
o Good to know support is out there
o Very informative
o Clear
o It was a very interesting and relevant talk. Itt will definitely help me to expand my future ideas
o First hand experience
o Very informative, helpful and friendly
o Information about setting up my own business and info about visual merchandising
o Information about sites I never knew existed
o Interesting
o I found this day extremely interesting and it made me realise that there are ways to get yourself or your products out there. The website information looks very helpful as well.
o Fantastic! Very rare to hear the truth about the industry! Positive ideas gave us poor students hope!
o Got to know more about the fashion industry in depth and the different areas you can go into.
o Insight into the fashion industry and business aspects
o I gain a good understanding about the industry of fashion design in the UK
o Good
o Very informative about the services you offer although I was aware of its existence beforehand
o Good overview of the industry, particularly starting up a business, buying and visual merchandising
o Very informative about surviving in the fashion industry. Helpful and friendly speakers. Made me thing about my options after graduation.
o You covered things I never even realised I should know e.g maths tests
o I think it is a great organisation
o Got loads of ideas and inspiration, got really interested about the shop (& sharing expenses)
o It seemed worthwhile to join as it is very good value for money. The service they provide is helpful
o It was very informative. Learnt about the industry, which I didn’t know before. Feel more wise about it.

Contacts Made
o Websites
o Sexie Booda
o FashionCapital
o Speakers

o Examples of people the LFF have helped in different fields e.g. Buyer / Merchandisers
o Students who are not studying design aspect but business side of fashion like myself.
o Visual Merchandising
o Get more info and stories about people in the industry to know how they have made it.
o Marketing / PR
o More awareness and publicity about the resources available
o Part of the site with current job opportunities
o More designer contacts
o How a student can introduce themselves to other designers
o Opening a LFF store in Carnaby Street is a really, really good idea and it would be brilliant to open more stores (like in Birmingham and other big cities) …count me in.
o PR, jobs within the industry if not yet ready to start up own business
o More contacts and info
o I definitely think there is a need for a network between new companies and manufacturers who will make small runs.
o Incorporating manufacturers and other business areas which designers may not have links with.

Of those that answered 100% thought the event was value for money

Of those that answered 100% said they would attend another LFF event

Of those that answered 100% rated the overall standard as 8 out of 10 or above.

Additional Comments
o Very well spoken – thank you – Lindsay Bunford
o Thank you for your time and effort, I hope too see you again soon – John Sanderson
o Overall, very helpful and reassuring – Deborah Watson
o Very glad I attended! Will be in touch as I am hoping to launch a womenswear label as soon as I graduate – Erica Stcaey
o I think just go for it – good luck – Val
o Very realistic, commercial advise
o It was a very informative and worthwhile talk – Satpal Neel

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