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Secrets of supply and demand



Jennifer Williams – Baffoe consultant, Wilberforce Ltd, introduces the video and throughout asks four fashion consultant's questions about the related subject, these include;

  • Approaching a factory,
  • Finding the right factory,
  • Reducing costs,
  • Contracts,
  • Payment method,
  • Production process,
  • Lean manufacturing,
  • Minimum orders.



The following consultants answered to the questions on secrets of supply and demand;


  • Junior Persuad -Director, J&R Fashions LTD,
  • Lunia Oliver – production consultant, London College of Fashion,
  • Stamo Ampatielou – Manager, production innovation, centre London Apparel,
  • Marcia Lazar – Product director, fZiT.



City Fringe partnership organised this learning seminar to help out young designers in the retail side of the fashion industry.

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