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UK clothing manufacturing is in decline. Can we learn anything from the Italians?


Why is the Italian textile and clothing industry so much more successful than it’s British counterpart?

To answer this question, and to make recommendations to the British manufacturing sector, the D.T.I. commissioned a study, which resulted in the publication, “A comparative study of the British and Italian textile and clothing industries”.

Alan Cannon-Jones, Senior Lecturer in Outerwear Technology, undertook the technical analysis of tailored suits, and how they are made in different factories in Italy and Britain. His contribution to the study is included in Chapter 3 of the report and is a major part of the research.

Come and listen to what Alan Cannon-Jones has to say regarding his experiences in Italy, and how the manufacturing industry in Italy compares to the U.K.
What are the recommendations for our industry here in London?

Although the area of research was restricted to men’s tailoring, the findings and recommendations relate to other clothing product manufacturers as well. Whether you produce men’s suits, ladieswear or childrenswear, you will find this an invaluable seminar.

We believe this is an important seminar for the manufacturing sector, so we are doing it for FREE, but all places must be booked in advance, by emailing us at the email address given below.

Please note that your email should state your name, address, telephone number (essential in case of any changes), and the number, and names of all delegates attending with you.

Email: sasha@fashionsupport.org.uk

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