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London College of Fashion Delivery Day


The delivery day at London College of Fashion on 12th January was a great success and many thanks to our guest designer speakers Steph and Leigh from McOdi, Kiki and Yvonne Ntiamoah from Konadu.

Special mention must go to Toby Meadows from the industrial liaison unit for organising the successful event as the feedback below demonstrates.

1: Young people which just started business so you can connect with them
2: Very informative – FREE! Good advice
3: Very useful, I have thought about wanting my own label in the future but have no business experience and have dyslexia but am pleased to learn there is help (Caprice Hartney)
4: Formal, informative, enjoyable, brief
5: Inspiring, experience sharing is really useful
6: Good insight into life in fashion, your own businesses and real life experiences
7: Really buoyed up my enthusiasm for starting my own business just hearing other peoples experiences of the practicalities of working and managing your own company (Johanna Tripp)
8: Useful and realistic insight into what to expect after we graduate.
9:Was nice to hear practical good advice from people who have experience in the fields we are interested in (Anna Hindle).
10: Very informative and honest
11: Really interesting! Learnt so much, much appreciated (Sam Lawrence)
12: Knowing about the website FashionCapital is good
13: Good information we wouldn’t usually get
14: Loads of useful contacts and resources that I will definitely use but wouldn’t otherwise have found (Clare Connolly)
15: I thought that this talk was very good and it is really good to know that there is help there if you need it (Laura Whitake)
16: Free, informative, good speakers, well organised, more than just talking
17: Very encouraging – exciting. Great to think more realistically about the industry, really helps you to focus (as a student) on your goals and what your working towards (Johanna Tripp)

If you would like more information on the Delivery Day initiative please contact the London Fashion Forum on 020 8462 1475″

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