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Addington High School presents…


After researching different carnivals the students agreed that popular and recurring themes around the world are Four Seasons.  They then found a variety of images of different seasons and selected different aspects to incorporate into their costume.

The colours, shapes and textures of the costumes reflect the different seasons and how people feel.  They then worked together to produce a range of costume that echo different emotions from each of the four seasons.

Students participating:


 Gemma Bennett

Kayleigh Brotherwood

Chloe Byrne

Sharmani Graham

Sophie Graham

Samantha Katze

Renah Nassuna

Shelly Robinson

Amy Terrett

Nicola Wheadon

Louise Ayton

Rebecca Brown

Sophie Hue

Hannah Patterson

Chi-Kwan Wong


Mercedes Fowler

Dominique Dyer

Kayleigh Ludgate


Nicole Grinham

Priscilla Boake

Staff involved with costumes:

Judith Turnball, Head of Design & Technology

Katie Hall, Textiles/Art Teacher

Debbie White, D & T: Textiles Technician

Anita Lucas, Learning Support Assistant

Shirley High School


Louise Ayton

Rebecca Brown

Sophie Hue

Hannah Patterson

Chi-Kwan Wong


Kayleigh Ludgate

Dominique Dyer

Westwood Language College

Westwood’s year 11 students produced the Kimono’s as part of a project to design theatre costumes for the Mikado.  Year 10 BTEC students have made the accessories.  The students have had fun working on the project and are excited about taking part in the show. 

Ms R Ford – Head of Department


Cheyenne Afflick

Tanita Chondrunaiko

Gemma Dhiman

Brittania Edwards

Sarah Fullick

Lobna Hassanian

Channell Hinds

Navjot Kaur

Rana Shar

Layla Mayanja

Sanam Shahid

Akelia Headley



Christiana Salami

Jade Simpson-Berry

Uka Suren

Muna Waeys

Stephanie Whyte

Nikita Patterson

Naomi Davis

Kerri Baker

Jasmine Shar

Arti Patel

Chadni Dudhaiya

Esther Opiyo

Sarah Tshiabangu

Georgina St Hilare

Antonia Douglas


Cheyenne Afflick

Tanita Chondrunaiko

Gemma Dhiman

Kerri Baker

Sarah Fullick

Lobna Hassanian

Chanell Hinds

Rana Shah

Layla Mayanja

Sanam Shahid

Akelia Headley

Nokukhanya Magutshwa

Christiana Salami

Jade Simpson-Berry

Uka Suren

Muna Waeys

Fairchildes Primary School

 The year 5 students at Fairchildes were extremely motivated by our chosen theme The Tropical Rain Forest.  During the October half term holiday the children researched the theme and came to school prepared with super ideas and a huge amount of enthusiasm.  Working from their designs we focused on the characteristics of each animal.  Finally, we added as much sparkle, glitter and shine to each headdress so they would look stunning under the stage lights.

Designers and Models:

Jacob Fox

Matthew Hollis

Harvey Kelleway

Moheet Khawaja

Daisy Clarke

Jonanne Dillaway

Eloise Greenfield

Louise Jenkins

Temitayo Ken-Afolabi

Courtney Lovell


Tracey Botham – Art Co-ordinator

Marion Fell

Rebecca Clarke

Sally Gardner

Nicky England

Mandy Newton

Mrs Bridges

Vick Angel

Bensham Manor School

(for children with moderate learning difficulties)

Fashion Show theme: Mexican ‘Day of Dead’

Synopsis on theme:

 Some may think that the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ is a rather morbid theme but far from it.  It is a festival that celebrates the lives of loved ones who have passed away, in a joyous and optimistic way.  Relatives lay trials of marigold flowers to private alters in homes so that the souls of their loves ones can find their way home for a feast of amazing food and drink and a party full of music and joy.  The Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ festival and national holiday takes place at the end of October to the beginning of November and is one of the most colourful and kitsch festivals that there is.  Because of this, it lends itself very well to the overall theme for this Fashion Show: CARNIVAL.


Pupils involved in designing and making the garments, hats and masks:


 8CL: Jafar Khan, Nourdine Selimoski, Elijah Smith, Anand Trivedi, Charlie Walker


9GHD: Nicola Andrews, Kasim Hussain, Shoaib Majeed, Lauren Richardson, Issac Topen, Sanjay Yoganathan


9AS: Warren Bailey, Jerry Bengama, Edward Gordon, Ozman Khan, Andre Molinaro, Raveena Singh, Esther Kolawole, Nishanthan Pala, Nathan Nazar


After School ‘Art Club’: Gideon Boyfar, Leon Appiah, Shelia Oseibon, Anand Trivedi, Charlie Walker, Arbarnna Arudothy, Sean Batram, Luca Borrelli, Christina Waters

Models: Gideon Boyfar, Kate Burtenshaw, Anand Trivedi, Arbarnna Arudsothy, Jafar Khan, Sean Bayram, Shoaib Majeed, Christina Waters, Eliane Mufuta, Kayley Newble


Teachers and TA’s: Celie Lilja, Violeta Maslauskaite, Frankie Shorter and Cindy Stott


Edenham High School


 As part of the run up to the beginning coursework, we asked out Yr 10 students to do a Design and Make project to link in with the Carinival Catwalk Show.


Taking ‘Carnivals’ as our theme, we researched costumes from street parades all over the world and based our design ideas on a college of Caribbean, Latin American and European approaches to this wonderful festival style.


The students were given the same basic skirt or shorts pattern to adapt and decorate to the full extent of their creativity.  Our models are from year 8 and have devised and choreographed the show themselves.


Names of garment makers:

Francesca Corry

Natasha Burbery

Bathany Warsop

Faiza Matovu

Ellis Lewin

Dana McNain

Si-Annarah Millanaise

Daphine Shantari

Charlotte Edi

Suzanne Connor

Jordon Tyson

Christina Johnson Goulbourne

Emily Summers

Jennifer Aird

Shannon Simpson

Tracy Manu

Ella Brockhouse

Kelly Oddy

Melissa Wortley

Louise O’Connor

Leanne Lineker

Anna-Maria Belfiore

Kirsty Johnstone



Kashan Johnson

Alisha Davis

Ellie May Fry

Carla Sa

Demi-Leigh Letts

Paige Long

Natasha Burke


And of course, Lindy Zubairy

St Mary’s High School


 Our project for this term was to create an outfit with our partner for a carnival fashion show at Addington High School.  Our theme was the ‘beauties of nature’ and we have used colours that are natural and ones that we see in tropical places.  Our outfits imitate ones that we see in real carnivals and have been inspired by the arrangements of colours of nature such as flowers, butterflies, the sea, the sun, cliffs, insects and animals.  We hope you enjoy the show.



Models, designers and Audio visual technicians:

Whitney Adedeji

Margarita Ajayi

Sara Allahverdi

Sita Amin

Kamgae Anyadike

Sundas Chaudhary

Vanessa Dada
Chantelle Eaton
Janine John-Philip
Sabrina Kaddu
Bridhet Lutakome
Alecia McLeggan
Vinitta Miranda
Anette Selvaranjan
Dilacsana Stevenson
Sindu Subramanian
Naoimi Tshiayima- Mboayo
Tiana Valpinee
Rachel Akwa
Sihana Belegu
Srah Chaudhry
Karoline Nalepa
Candise Pinnock
Monique Smitgh
Sureena Williams
Elana Punwasee
Anu Taiwo

Mrs Frankiewicx – Head of department
Mrs Harper – Technician
Mr Collins – Audio /Visual
Mrs Ryan – Clarke – Head of year 10
Mrs Weller

Archbishop Lanfranc


Models wearing makeup:

Rochelle Fereira

Madelaine Beresford

Jade Waldron

Shivang Patel

Maddison Blaney

Tina Diallo

Jasmine Sammut


Models wearing costumes:

Ashaajin Abousalih

Liyana Anilkumar

Gemma Branscome

Pooja Patel

Sreedevi Shah

Nicolatte Tracey

Harris CACP


 Our theme for the fashion show is ‘Harajuka’.  This theme originated in Japan and has spread across many countries all over the world today.  The look is based around the Japanese youth, style and fashion, whereby teens turn the different styles of clothing such as hip hop, punk, gothic, etc into something more wild, extravagant and attention grabbing.


The Harajuka style has been brought to may peoples attention by the American singer Gwen Stefani as she usually uses ‘harajuka girls’ as her backup dancers.  All the models are wearing outfits that they have designed and made themselves.


Models and designers:

Chika Iwenofu – Yr9

Chellsee Young – Yr 9

Rachelle Yemitan – Yr 9

Chyrell Campbell- Perry – Yr 9

Sasha-Acasha Smith-Mckenzie -Yr 9


Paris Duffy – Yr11

Hyesha Medly – Yr 11

Harriet Fan – Yr 11


Trishna Madhar – Yr 13

Simone Rusell – Yr 13


Teachers/support staff that helped out during the process

Kimbereley Channon

Barbara Sales

Janice Barnett


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