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Apprenticeship Blog: 28th May – 4th June



Today was an official Jewish holiday, so the majority of staff was not in as most people who work at Lipstick are Jewish. Therefore the tasks that I had to complete were following from the previous week.  One of my line managers Michelle requested that I should create a catalogue to be shown to a buyer of all the new samples we had created. So I begin by taking pictures of all the garments on a white background, ensuring that they were hung on the hanger with a good presentation. Then I uploaded all of the pictures on to the computer. After I created a template in PowerPoint I made sure I picked a design and colour suitable for the collection. I proceed by placing the pictures in to the document resizing and cropping where needed, additionally I had extra contrast and brightness to the pictures as the lighting was poor in the location I had to take the pictures in. Once I completed the catalogue I printed off three copies of the document, one for Emily the production manager, one for my line manger Michelle and one to be given to the buyer.

After completing this task I had nothing to do, as no one had been around since I had arrived at 10am that morning. So I began to do research on style.com, looking at new styles from the Cannes Film Festival that could possibly be used as inspiration to create high street garments. Here are some of the garments that I printed out and placed in the pattern cutters book for inspiration.

lipstickblog1 lipstickblog2

lipstickblog3 lipstickblog4

lipstickblog5 lipstickblog6

I tried to look at shapes that would be suitable for the high street, if the design was simplified with the use of more suitable materials for the market. For example, the dress that Kim Kardashian is wearing could be made commercial. By making the dress in a jersey material, keeping the shape the same, however using studs on the selections of gold panels rather than creating panels and adding so much detail. This means that design would simple but still dressy, creating an inspired piece rather than a copy.

During all this time I was also picking up the phone and making notes and comments, to pass on to co-workers for the following day. Lots of the calls were to do with unpaid invoices, so I documented the company name, invoice number and the amount of the outstanding balance. This was to be passed on to my production manager Emily.

At around 12 pm Amber one of my other co-workers arrived wanting me to help her organise the rails of samples in to selections of ours clients. Therefore I sorted the rails into the different sections leaving the ones that I was unsure of to the side. Once I had finished placed all the garments I knew the brand of into their different areas. I looked for the brands I was unsure of looking through the stylebook to workout, which garments where for which clients. Amber also gave me a secondary task of making sure that we had two sealer samples for all garments that have been produced or were the process of production.  One sample should be placed with the graded pattern, so that individuals in the factory have a good example of what the garment should look like and what they should work towards to achieve. Then the other sample should be left on the rail in the office/ design room, so that we have sample for reference when ordering fabric, trimmings, wash care and labels. We were doing this process as previously the sealer sample has been miss placed after being send to different factories or a production sample has been send in place of a gold sealer sample creating a poor mass production.

Wednesday 30th May 2012

Tasks Given:

Before I arrived work today I received a text from the production manager, saying that the owner Gina wanted me to take photos of all the new samples and send them to her and one of our clients Claire Powell. Therefore as soon as I arrived at work I got the camera out and took pictures of all the sample garments on a white background, trying to make the image appear as professional as possible.

After I completed my first task of the day I spent the majority of the day helping the main pattern cutter within the company Juliana amending and tracing off patterns. When tracing off the patterns I had to ensure that all the information on the original pattern was copied on to the new pattern except the style number, as a new style number had to be given to the new garment that was being created. Once I had traced off and created a new pattern, Juliana then guided me on the changes I needed to make to the pattern. When I had finished making the amendments to the pattern I gave it to Juliana to check it over, while I drew a rough sketch of what the garment should look like when produced in the stylebook and drew a technical sketch including all important information, on the front the envelope the pattern was to be placed into. Juliana gave me the all clear on the pattern so I picked out suitable material for the pattern and passed it over to a pattern cutter to be made.

For the last part of the day Juliana tried a couple dresses on me, to check the fit making notes on what needed to be changed for the next day. Meanwhile she asked my opinion on what I thought of the dresses and how would wear it.


Thursday 31st May 2012

Tasks Given:

On Wednesday a freelance pattern cutter was creating copies of samples that we wanted to make, however his technical drawings on the front of the pattern were not very reflective of the actual garment. So Juliana gave me a template to work from so I could create technical drawings of the garments and place them on the front of the pattern. Making sure that I included all the information on the finishing, zip length/type, measurements of the garment and information on specialist instructions. I then had to find suitable fabric for the pattern looking at what type of material the pattern had been produced for. Once the garments where made I had to send a picture to my manager and the client the sample was intended for.

Friday 1st June 2012

Tasks Given:

Today one of the stylist who previous worked for our company came by to pick up old samples that were for one of his clients. So I had to go through the rails of clothes and identify them and make sure that they were ready and available for him to pick up.

I then spent the rest of the day overviewing the new samples being produced. Then I took pictures of each of them placing them into a catalogue making sure to search for and include the style number of each garment, so it is easy for buyers and clients to order goods.

Wednesday 4th June 2012

Tasks Given:

Today I was given a large task of writing all the information for an order placed by a client so I spent most of the day collecting and correlating. I made sure I had picture of every single garment showing the front and back, as sometimes there are so many variations of the same garment made it is difficult to determine the garment without a good image. I included the style number so that if the original pattern was ever needed it would be easy to find. The costing of the garment was also written in the document and the size break down of the order, so that individuals would be able to find all the relevant information one area.  I also included the wash care information, fibre composition, colour, style name, estimated delivery date and the price of the garment.

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