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DMU Grad Wins ASOS Competition


Originally, Christina designed jewellery for funds to start up her own label. The competition gave the young designer the opportunity to launch her ready-to-wear and bespoke kimonos inspired by her travels, having visited some lush islands such as Bali, Koh Samui and Ibiza. Both the kimonos and jewellery were so well received, by the second day, she was running out of stock. “It was amazing, girls were walking past the stand and grabbing pieces off the rail and tables. I loved every part of the experience and would definitely look into attending again next year.”


The label will keep the jewellery range in their online store and launch the kimonos in January 2014 offering ready-to-wear pieces or allowing customers to customise their own; choosing from a colourful selection of silks, chiffons and lace, and adding embellishments and embroidery including a Swarovski crystallisation service -perfect for Brides-to-be. The designer adopts lingerie techniques and finishes and incorporates jewellery and travel elements in both the design and packaging. Everything is made in-house in her small studio before luxuriously packaged and delivered to your door.

The label is looking to secure more stockists in UK and abroad to expand their global presence. 

Prices start from £65 for ready-to-wear and £80 for custom designs.



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