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My Work Experience with ASOS.com – Timi Newton


ASOS Week-Long Work Placement

Day 1

Thank you so much Fashion Enter for coming to the head office to support me. Mark Fisher (designer at ASOS) is impressed with me. He has asked me to design 15 dresses for the ASOS Prom Princess theme. So far, he is happy with the rough ideas I have put together for the dresses.


Timi with Mark Fisher from ASOS

I made a necklace with the non-clothing department and they liked it. The printing department looked my designs for tops and dresses as well as the designs made at the Stitching Academy. I also thanked Vanessa Spence for giving me the opportunity to have such a fantastic experience. I will continue to update on every event. THANKS!



Day 2

Today I observed as the tech team fitted maternity wear on a model. It was interesting to see the attention to detail on every aspect of the fit. I spent some time with a lady in charge of denim wear and got to meet a Turkish supplier of denim fabrics. Mark took me downstairs to see the lovely pattering cutting/ making team and the ladies designing dresses also informed me about what they do.

To be honest I was happy to know that the designers really did not have to worry too much about making patterns for their designs. Pattern cutting has never really been my strength but I am open to learning. I believe I may be with Sophie Glover tomorrow I will update you on how that goes. Finally, still working on the Prom Princess dresses.

Thanks and Take care,



Day 3

Today (24th April) is Fashion Revolution Day and I want to start by remembering the tragedy in Bangladesh. We all need to be curious about how and where our clothes are made as well as the individuals involved.

It has been a busy day. I got to meet Jacqui and Leandra and to thank them for this fantastic opportunity.

Spent time with Pam from garment tech. We spoke about the importance of pattern making and I assured her I would continue to improve my skills.

When Mark asked me to design 15 dresses, he wanted them in nightwear, day to nightwear or daywear. I decided to approach this by designing 15 concepts within the theme and made 6 sketches per theme to represent the front and back design for nightwear, day to nightwear and daywear. Mark thought it was fantastic that I approached it with a broad view. I have designed it all .The best 15 will be chosen tomorrow.

I spent some time with the head designer for jersey tops. She asked to see the dresses I had designed and I explained each one. Tomorrow, she will be taking a look at some of my sketchbooks on tops.


Here is a pic of my happy selfie (lol) from the head office.

Thanks and Take care.



Day 4

It has been another busy day at ASOS head office.

I did some work for the tailoring team. Mark picked the best 15 dresses. He was very helpful and recommended some changes. I took it all on board and sketched the chosen designs in more detail. It’s all done and will be presented to him on Monday.


I brought in some sketchbooks for tops and will also get feedback on them on Monday.

It has been a fantastic experience so far. I will get some rest over the weekend for the grand finale on Monday.

Take care,



Day 5

It’s time to say goodbye but this has been a totally amazing experience. I would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who made it possible.
Mark was impressed with the dresses and happy with the way I took on board the entire learning process. I am very happy to have met the fantastic design team at ASOS.
Finally, food for thought: With a positive mind and attitude we can all achieve whatever goals we set for ourselves.
Goodbye and God Bless,



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