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Inspired by the British Library


The B.L. is the national library of the United Kingdom and one of the world’s greatest libraries. Their aim is simply to make the world’s intellectual, scientific and cultural heritage accessible together and bring the archives of information to everyone. B.L. receive a copy of every publication produced in the UK and Ireland, the collection currently includes 150 million items in most known languages and each year 3 million new items are incorporated every year.  These are just a few of the facts from B.L. and for greater information please see www.bl.uk
The LFF are now reviewing the 1,000s of images available at B.L. to showcase a wide cross section of images on the www.fashioncapital.co.uk site and a meeting has been arranged for 7th October to start the reviewing process.
It was a genuine pleasure to meet Carol yesterday. Her enthusiasm, obvious great knowledge on all sectors and commitment to the on-line museum at Fashioncapital provided a true inspiration for us all!
Carol commented,

Where do you go to get inspiration for your next designs, find the latest data on the fashion markets, get information about how to protect your creative ideas? The British Library might not be the first place that you think of – but it is a marvellous resource that just might make the difference to your creativity and the success of your business ideas.

We have collections spanning 3000 years covering every age of written civilisation, every written language and every aspect of human thought. Material held by the Library ranges from ancient Chinese oracle bones to technical reports about the latest scientific discoveries and today’s newspapers.

The British Library houses the world’s knowledge, and with over 150 million separate items it is one of the top three libraries in the world. It is the UK’s national library and the world’s leading resource for scholarship, research and innovation www.bl.uk.






How fashion world might use the Library:

See how 2nd year students at Central St Martins College of Art and Designresponded creatively to the project brief set by the British Library to create a garment inspired by its latest record breaking exhibition, The Silk Road, Travel Trade, War and Faith.



In our reading rooms you can research the collections to find the images from the past and present some of these are also available from our online picture library, You can also find information about fashion markets to help you develop your marketing plans. Click here for a sample of the reports available


If you want to learn more about protecting your ideas, then attend a free clinic to help you research patents, trade marks and registered designs.


For more information contact:

Carol Meads

Creative and Media Marketing Manager

The British Library

96 Euston Road

London NW2 2DB

T +44 (0)20 7412 7881

F +44 (0)20 7412 7807

email: carol.meads@bl.uk