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Brittons School Havering




Today Fashion-Enter commenced a seminar ‘Understanding the Fashion Industry’ with Brittons School in Havering.

Jennifer Holloway, Director said: ‘We have done many designer T-Shirt competitions in the past with a cross section of schools and colleges. Absolute credit to the 98 pupils at the school today.  The pupils were divided into 15 brands and each brand developed their own logo and style.’


There were some highly creative logo’s and branding concepts such as Identity, Diamonds and Pearls and Seven. Well done to all the students who actively participated today.


Jenny will be returning back to the school to review swing tickets and line drawings. Good luck to everybody.


Here is the Agenda of todays events…



Getting it Right First Time (GIRFT) 


Brittons School Havering  


Date: 30th  June 2008  




Introduction and welcome 




    Market Research           Directional shopping         Comparative shopping         Labelling and statutory requirements          Labelling and packaging         Logo creation         Logo and branding











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