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Britain’s missing top model: – Interview with winner Miss Kelly Knox


However first on the agenda is of course the woman who won. Below is an interview with lass of the moment Kelly Knox it makes for an interesting read, you really get a sense of Kelly and all that she’s about, hopefully you will see what I see, a woman destined for success and who’s a real credit to Britain.


Missing Top Model Miss Kelly Knox 01  Missing Top Model Miss Kelly Knox 02

Congratulations, it must be a fabulous feeling to have won. For those who are unsure, tell us about your disability, life before BMTM and what brought you to the competition?

It does! I’m over the moon!! I was born without my left forearm; I’ve never considered it as being a disability until I took part in the show! I’ve learnt that even though I don’t feel disabled, society classes me as being disabled! I was just a “normal” girl from Enfield! I worked as a credit controller (which is far from glamorous like modelling!!) I spent my weekends either partying with my friends or spending time with my family, I have two small nephews who mean the world to me, and you can find me on a typical Sunday afternoon playing games with them. I’m a very proud auntie! I entered the competition because I have always been a very outgoing, confident, bubbly person, having 1 arm has never been an issue for me so I wanted to come on the show to help others who were born the same way who doesn’t have the same confidence as what I do & to inspire them to be more confident & self accepting.


How did you find living with the other girls? Did you bond with anyone in particular? Do you think you’ll stay in touch with anybody?

I instantly bonded with Jenny, lots of the girls found her annoying, but for me she was a huge bundle of fun, we shared rooms & we had lots of funny moments, I’ll never forget her.

Also Rebecca, we got on brilliant, she’s a girl after my own heart, and I really missed her when she got eliminated.

Finally Kellie Moody, she has a heart of gold, she really is a beautiful person inside & out.

I love all 3 of them girls, I stay in touch with all 3.

What was your most enjoyable task/photo shoot?

I enjoyed the London call photo shoot the most, when I was wearing the yellow dress & we were shooting on location at a council estate in East London. I think everyone thought we’d be uncomfortable there because the area was full of graffiti & it looked rough, but for me it was like home, my dad lives down the road. I loved being there! It was on that photo shoot where I felt  a burning passion inside me, that’s when I felt  really competitive, that’s the moment where I thought, I want to win this.



How did you find having Jonathan as your mentor? And what did you think of the judges and their comments made to you on elimination days?

I absolutely love Jonathan! I miss him! He really had confidence in me & he was always giving me his advice. If it wasn’t for him, I may not be here right now.  He really had his heart in the show & I think Jonathan went on a journey of his own. I mean if we can change his perception on beauty when he has been in the business 25years, how hard can it be for everyone else?

I think the judges were right in everything they said to me. I’m so glad they kept on about me opening up; I really did listen to them & took their advice to heart. I knew Mark Summers believed in me, he saw beyond the surface & it was his words that made the switch. So thanks Mark!

I loved Marie O’ Riordan, I don’t know why but at each photo shoot, I felt like I had to do her proud, I think I’ve achieved that now with my pictures shot by the fabulous Rankin featured in Marie Claire.


How did you feel appearing in an actual fashion show alongside real models?

It was really fun! All the models were really beautiful & lovely! There was a real buzz backstage at the catwalk, even though it wasn’t one of my strongest moments, I really enjoyed it.


I can only imagine the feelings accumulated when doing nude a photo shoot, it would require the model to have a fair amount of confidence. What was yours like and would you do it again?

When the judges announced we were doing a nude photo shoot, I kind of expected it, but it was still a shock! I was really nervous before shooting, but once I got into it, it was just the same as any other photo shoot but with my clothes off! Doing it again? I would never say never!

What were your thoughts regarding the debate about the winner having a visible disability or not?

There was no need for that debate whatsoever. We all deserved to be there, visible or not. Disability is so diverse. For me, I would have been happy for any of us girls to of won.

I actually thought Kellie Moody might of won, she is stunning & she is a diamond girl, I’m sure she will get modelling work out of BMTM, she really does deserve it.


Were you glad that you were in the final with Sophie?

At the time I did but watching it back as a viewer I’m not quite sure. When I entered the competition, I thought Kellie & Jenny would have been in the final, they are natural beauties.

You were a firm favourite to win, when asked by your fellow contestants. How do you feel about that?

That feels great! I’m really happy the girls thought that of me! I really didn’t expect to win myself! I was just having fun!

Do you have any regrets or anything you would change about your experience on BMTM?

I don’t believe in regrets as everything happens for a reason. When I make mistakes, I see it as a learning curve. That’s what life is all about!


As the winner you got the spread in Marie Claire Magazine and an opportunity to meet with potential agents. Viewers won’t get to see how it goes until next week but can you give us a little inside info on what it was like and how you found it all?

The photo shoot with Rankin & Marie Claire was one of the best days of my life! I didn’t want the day to end! I had so much fun! Everything about that day rocked! Rankin, the hair, the makeup, the clothes, the team & the end result (photographs) of all our hard work just topped it all off!

How passionate are you about this whole experience, modelling and making a difference. Do you think you can? And will modelling remain as a part of your life?

I’m very passionate, I am so happy that I took part in this show. I didn’t realise how much of an impact we could make. We have definitely opened the doors, now it’s to the public to demand us!!

I m now being represented by Take2 Model Management & I’m looking forward to what the future may hold.

What is it you personally want to put across to the modelling and fashion industry?

There are beautiful people out there who come in all different shapes, colours & sizes & we need to embrace that fact. I know that I can work just as well as any other able bodied model out there!

What would you say to somebody who wants to follow in your foot steps and model with a disability?

Live the dream! If you want something so bad, you need to go out there & get it! You need to believe in yourself & your inner confidence will shine through. Stay positive & always have a good attitude, it goes a long way.

I’ve had so many messages from girls who were born like me saying how much of an inspiration I am to them & I have given them a confidence boost. When I read messages like that, it’s really heart warming to know I have made a difference in someone’s life!!


Before I go a few girly questions for you…

Are there any looks your into this season?

I don’t really follow a trend, if I see something I like, I buy it!! I’m really into bright tights at the moment. And I’m loving the luminous vest tops in Topshop.

Describe your style?

I just love to accessorize! I absolutely love the jewellery from freedom @ Topshop, the brighter the better, you can make anything look good with the right accessories! I’ve just came back from Ibiza & everything is neon! So my style at the moment is bold strong bright colours!!!

Do you prefer designer or high street?

I love both high street & designer. Everyone needs at least one designer piece that you can mix something off the highstreet with.

Which label are you partial to?

I really love the big top shop in oxford circus, it’s a got a nice mix of independent brands.

When it comes to hair and makeup, are you a keep it simple and natural or glamour all the way kind of gal?

It depends on the occasion, I like to keep it simple but it’s nice to glam up sometimes!! I really love bright make up on the eyes! Mac colours are the best!!

If there’s one thing you want to do or see in life before its too late what would it be?

I would like to see no more cruelty to animals. That is something really close to my heart, I cry my eyes out when I read stories of animal cruelty, it needs to stop.


Don’t forget to buy Marie Claire’s October issue and see Kelly’s spread in full. You’re in for a treat as you can see from the pictures featured.


Luisa Savino


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