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Zoo Qoo Launch Party


Dress-by-WoveEach month there is a votes system so people can join the forum and vote online, providing the artist, whatever their creative speciality to win sponsorships and gain opportunities in their chosen field. The event showcased work from every area such as art, games, and including photography, by David Collingwood and Gearoid Lynch,  and  Fashion design by Wove (blue dress pictured). 

However the quality of work submitted is judged by the Zoo Qoo Council which only remains online if it receives sufficient ratings. The quirky location happened to be a Horse Hospital in Camden which obviously suited zoo qoo perfectly due to the weird and wonderful artistic displays scattered around the venue. There was a mixed bag of entertainment, including comedy acts, theatre performances, live music  and celebrity guest DJ's Sophie Ellis Bexter and husband Richard Jones of The Feeling. Plus a few other appearances from Danielle Lloyd and Nick Knowles.  There was also a blank canvas for artistic guests to doodle on, plus I won a bottle of champagne which was the highlight of the evening! This event was very cool and zooqoo.com is a great place for any talented individuals to get started and may help launch a future career.




By Nicola Morton

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