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New York Profile – The Verdict


Caren Downie Buying Director Ladieswear asos.com

'asos.com is proud to be part of NY Profile which debuted highly talented London based designers. The standard of the collections was exceptionally high and credit to all the designers exhibiting, particular praise must go to Alice Palmer, Nico Kubisch, Samantha Cole and Ruthi Orlin who were outstanding and will now be sold on asos.com'

The Winners

Alice Palmer

'This is my first ever catwalk show; I didn't even have a show at university. I have found this whole Profile event a brilliant experience and I have learnt so much that it makes all the hard work and the long hours totally worth it. This opportunity of coming to New York has been invaluable and I know how hard everyone has worked at Fashion Enter. I just think this is what designers really need today – the chance to show in quality events such as Profile.'

alice palmer

Samantha Cole

'Meeting both Caren and Sarah from asos.com has been brilliant for me. NY Profile has exceeded all expectations and I couldn't be happier. Many thanks to everyone involved; great success.'

samantha cole

Nico Kubisch

'I have long wanted to show in New York City and to be a double prize winner here is unbelieveable. The Profile show was professional and both performances were packed out.'

Nico Kubisch

Ruthi Orlin

'What I love about Fashion Enter is that they keep pushing me to do things and thank God I listened. NY Profile was absolutely brilliant and now I have the opportunity of working with the asos.com design team. Thank you thank you thank you so much.'

Ruthi Orlin

Well done to everyone!

the gala

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