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How to be a Model by Sophia White


Let's start at the vey beginning, to begin your journey onto the road of successful modelling.

My job is to get you thinking about what part of modeling you are really interested in pursuing and before you do anything you must decide what it is you want to achieve within the industry?

To help you start I have put together the most popular types of modelling for you to decide from BUT only choose two depending on your shape and size. You can e-mail me if you need further ideas on the different types of modelling available to you – sophiamodelagent@googlemail.com

High Fashion – Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington. High Fashion models are generally 5'9" to 6'0 tall and are a very thin size 7. They have 32-36" busts, 22-25" waists and 33-36" hips, with very strong and distinctive features.

Catalogue Model – Models are hired to appear in catalogues selling everyday products to average people. Requirements are flexible for this type of work.

Editorial Print Modelling – This work includes photographic stills for magazines (including the magazine cover). This work is very eagerly sought after by models because of the exposure it provides.

Commercial Print Modelling – Models are photographed to promote a product on billboards, buses, magazines and newspapers. This type of modelling can be divided into two sections: Fashion Advertising and Product Advertising.

Runway Modelling – This is one of the most effective ways to gain exposure, it is considered the most glamorous type of live modelling. It requires a lot of confidence and grace. The model must make the audience think that she loves the outfit she is wearing. She must look comfortable and make even the dullest outfit look attractive. Minimum height requirement of 5'9" for runway work.

Sophia Model Agent has been created to guide new models into the modelling industry with information, tips and support, 'I can offer good advice to the up and coming stars of the future'.

'I also spend a lot of my time exposing all types of ethnic models into the industry through my Model Agent Business offering my clients models from across the world'.

Till next time!

Sophia x


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