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Sophia Whites’ Model Tips


I have said this before but modelling like everything else takes much more to achieve then just modelling, that's what you do once you achieve becoming a model but before you are at that level you have to go through the Training Grounds, and unfortunately you can't make it over to the land of modelling and milk and honey until you cross this field.

You will need your stamina for 2009!

Sophia Whites' Model Tips  Sophia Whites' Model Tips
  Sophia Whites' Model Tips   Sophia Whites' Model Tips

What will you find within the Training Grounds?

How big the field is or how many challenges you will get thrown at you or how many knock backs you will get in a month  – Unfortunately, I can't answer these questions but once you leave these grounds I promise you, you will be better off mentally, physically and professionally.

In 2009, I hope to guide you through the Training Grounds to success as well as giving you tip bits of information about your craft, but the important thing here is to walk with me and follow through on the tasks to complete and dedicate yourself to becoming that great model you dreamt about becoming when you were weeeeeee high.

The Training Ground is where you have to venture if you are serious and dedicated as an individual. This is the place where you go to bed late, you get up early, you dedicate your Saturday to Catwalk Training or you work an extra shift or two to get that all important portfolio that will kick start your career.




I have key points you must remember while on your journey through the field and that is:

Think ahead. This means think until the end of January. What do you hope to achieve? Make some goals – What are your goals?

Focus on making small BUT consistent steps. This means every evening do something that will make you a better model by either: Reading a fashion magazine and looking at editorial shoots – maybe create a scrap book of photos you love so that when you do your shoot you can replica it, Google couture designers, Google Photographers and get some Test Shots under your belt or something.

The work begins – UP NEXT WEEK!!

Until then please review your Things to DO List below – Stay focused!!


Things to do this week:

1)      If you have not already set some goals you need to at least 5 or more if you can. Remember to think ahead of the month and do something everyday that will expose you to the world of modelling.

Sophia x



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