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Advertise on the UK’s Online Portal for the Industry


We are the leading fashion based resource and portal in the UK with an exponentially growing number of visitors. Our users range from undergraduate students researching the fashion industry, through to designers reviewing trend information and statistics, production units fashion journalists, marketers, PR professionals and other auxiliary services to the industry such as graders, accountants and legal representatives. We also have a strong consumer based following who have a general interest in fashion and trends. Our customers are all avid consumers of lifestyle brands from the iPod through to soft drinks, music festivals as well as other aspirational products and services. Utilizing extensive traffic via the FashionCapital.co.uk website can benefit your business by hitting your relevant target market.

To understand the concept of online advertising, we must first know the definitions for:

Unique User

Unique users are used to measure the popularity of websites and are logged as one per IP address. If the visitor wishes to return to the site, only the first visit will contribute to the unique user count. For example, if multiple computers are linked into one network and share the same IP address and all visit the website, this will only count as one unique user, no matter how many times each of them revisit. Therefore unique user can be defined as an individual visitor to a website who is counted as a single visitor (one per IP address) irrespective of the number of times they visit the site.



The number of return visits will all be tallied under this category irrespective of IP address and irrespective of previous visits. Each session per individual will count for a separate visit and if more than one visitor uses the same router, each individual session per computer will all be counted as individual visits.



This again is a tally, and counts the total number of pages visited. Every time the server displays a new page, a new page impression is created. However if a visitor returns to the same page more than once within one session, and the page hasn’t been modified, only one page impression will be counted.


Buying Page Impressions

Each page impression is counted by a unique user viewing the page in which the advert resides. Each time a user clicks on a page in which your advert is located; a page impression will be deducted from the total page impressions bought for your advert. We offer your advert to feature in a variety of formats and in a variety of locations depending on the colour of your advert.



This term is most frequently used to distinguish the popularity of the site as this tally generates the largest figures. Every single time any individual from any network, whether one or five hundred computers are using the same IP address and router, each and every page that is viewed creates a hit. The individual can revisit the same page within the same session and hits will be counted respectively.



You may have noticed “cookies” around your computer and these basically identify different sessions and passwords. Idle time between each session must be set internally by each server to differentiate between sessions, e.g. FashionCapital.co.uk work to a two and a half hour slot, so to distinguish the second session, there must be a two and a half hour gap for two separate sessions to be counted.


In regards to advertising on www.fashioncapital.co.uk there are numerous options available to satisfy companies advertising needs, which are:


Weekly Newsletter Distribution

Every Wednesday, FashionCapital.co.uk registered users receive a newswire. There are over 80,000 subscribed users, and this figure is increasing exponentially. This form of advertising is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to every individuals email address linked to these users, for your advert to land directly in their inbox. This is the most direct form of advertising available as users expect to receive this information every week and have willingly signed up to receive them therefore wanting to read through them and learn more about what FashionCapital.co.uk has on offer and any other exciting happenings on the horizon. Your advert is literally waiting to be read by this phenomenal number of people, who in turn could forward the email onto their network of friends and so on, therefore not only are you just reaching out to registered users, the possibility of its circulation is endless.



Example: Coco à Moi opted to both advertise a competition on the newswire and feature within the competitions section, at an additional cost. The response received has been phenomenal and entries are still flooding in.


We usually offer 100 – 150 words and ask that you provide a logo and/or another relevant image. We will also link your website to the newsletter so people will have access to your site directly from receiving the newswire. The current price is £600 per feature however prices are negotiable, so please do not let this figure deter you from enquiring.


Some more ways to Advertise…


Banner and Skyscraper Advertising


  • Banners are featured in nearly every single parent and subcategory and are located in between the thumbnail images displaying the most recent articles at the top and the list of older articles at the bottom of the page. There are only four out of a total of 97 categories on FashionCapital.co.uk that do not feature this form of advertising. For the categories that do not display articles in the general format specified above, the banner tends to feature at the bottom of the page as seen on the homepage. This type of advert is sold per amount of page impressions, which stands at £50 per 100,000 however again, prices are negotiable.
  • Banner Dimensions – 468W x 60H pixels


  • Skyscraper advertisements are featured throughout every single page on the site as a long and thin advert on the right hand side of each page. This type of advert is available for £70 per 100,000 and is negotiable.
  • Skyscraper Dimensions – 120W x 600H pixels


Homepage Links

FashionCapital.co.uk can provide links within articles on the homepage on within a particular section you feel is most relevant to your company. Prices available upon application.


Press Zone

·        PressZONE member organisations can release PR, documents, video of any of their shows and any number of images to the Fashion Capital website for a 12 month period. The cost to become a PressZONE member is £700 per Annum.

·        Should you just wish to release PR on the site, this feature will remain free of charge. However there is the option to enhance your PR release, whereby it can be sent to all of the online Newswire services and passed directly to a number of fashion journalists. To prevent this system being abused, the PR must undergo editorial review before it can be released. The cost for the service is £50 per Press Release. Please send your Press Release to us via email on [JosObfuscator] Gsw.eS>ADrG-vK_/i5cPXtx`ea0y6>@P6fgiZa.ms8G5thC+Ri`GkA=oO8anX3~Lcm(,xar2;)(pJ0@nei0tTa97HnlGrr.`c8Zk+io2.rY|4suvzywk with the distribution option in the subject line of the email.



These are the snippets of weekly news displayed underneath the rotating image in the top right hand corner. We can provide 50 – 75 words providing information about your company to feature within this section. As the name suggests, this section is for latest news stories and is a great way to advertise any events or competitions coming up in the future. This information is rotated between five short retail/fashion news stories each week. Prices available upon application.


Sponsor a Section Package Deal

You can choose any parent category (this includes subcategories under this heading) or subcategory for us to completely transform to fit in with your desired advertisement. The sponsor package deal includes:


·        The rotating image on the top right hand corner can be exchanged for four or five of your images.

·        The top banner will display your company name and website that will also act as a link and any user who clicks on the banner will be taken directly to your site.

·        The entire colour scheme of every page in your sponsored category will change to compliment the colour scheme of your provided advertisement.

·        A slightly faded image can sit as a background behind the left hand side main navigation and the right hand side area displaying the newsbites, events and latest forum posts within your chosen section.

·        Square adverts featured beneath every article within your sponsored section will feature relevant content to your company and/or advertisement which will include a link directly to your website.

·        Skyscraper advertisement on every page within your sponsored category will feature your advert including a link directly to your site.


This is a tailor made package deal which can be discussed and altered to the desired requirements of the advertiser (within reason). We are here to provide you with different advertising opportunities for you to select your most beneficial option and utilize the extensive traffic through the UK’s online portal for the industry.


In regards to selecting your desired section to sponsor, we can provide you with relevant statistics providing you with information regarding hits, page impressions and visits and by how many unique users to assist your decision for reap optimum results.


The cost of the package deal stands at £2,000 per month, however again this is negotiable.


If you have any questions, and are interested in utilising the extensive traffic filtering through www.fashioncapital.co.uk, please do not hesitate to contact Emily@fashioncapital.co.uk.

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