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LFW Presentations


It wasn't all about Fashion Shows this week though.

With fewer days to show, I wont be the only Fashionista worried about how the schedule will continue to pan out. Often shows ran back to back, over time, clashed or sometimes it simply wasn't possible to get to everything. This meant that some designers decided to go with 'Presentations', 'Exhibitions' and 'Installations'.

I took a whizz round to bring you my hot picks from the rest of fashion week . . . 

1. In the main tent exhibition I found myself spinning round the Esthetica exhibition. My favourite in the exhibition had to be Minna. Beautiful vintage style frocks in creamy colours and all ecologically friendly! They also had the most adorable children's coats in floral 'flock wallpaper' prints. I need to find a little person to give one to.

For more info: www.minna.co.uk 

2. Angel Jackson Accessories have long been the favourite brand of celebrities, Cheryl Cole is often pictured with one of their signature Jaguar Belts and I have seen more than one of the girls rocking the gorgeous Totes. For A/W 09, Angel Jackson has definitely picked up on the hot trend of 'eighties' styling and all of next seasons accessories are truly Rock Couture. Big snakeskin totes have gone monochrome, with great black and white checks, silver stud detailing and beautiful, dark, witchy feathers. For those in need of brighter, bolder arm candy, Angel Jackson has reinvented their signature tote in bright banana yellow and total eighties red. The signature 'Jaguar' belt has become more punky too! Normally only in gold, for A/W they are releasing the silver Jaguar, skinny belt complete with oh-so on trend studs! Loving it ladies!

For more info go to: http://www.angeljackson.com


3. Over at the On/Off installation I busied myself with discovering some new talent. I found Darkest Star, Sam Cook to be the most enthusiastic about her brand. Talking me through the whole conceptual process of her stunning bag collection I was really very impressed. I have a real thing for box bags and she had some absolutely delightful ones for A/W 09. This was their first fashion week experience and they were touting the range 'The Study of an Orchid'. Obviously a trained artist as well as brilliant bag designer Sam talked me through how the Orchids, as well as her desire to create practical and stylish bags influenced her designers. The leather bags have stunningly bright turquoise lining and the 'Sketch Pad' bag has a little built in make up pouch! I loved the across the body bags too! Simply divine! (I am definitely investing in one of them).

darkest star


4. It wasn't all in South Kensington though. I headed off to Felicities Showroom in Shorditch to take a peak at the PR Company that is looking after and developing some of the most up and coming new designers around.

First up, Sophie Gittins shoes. This is the first collection from the graduate that everyone in footwear is talking about. The relatively small first collection is really stunning and I'm just itching to get my hands on them. There was a great pair of calf length black, furred boots and the most divine green, dog-tooth style peep toe, back zipped shoes (must be seen to be believed!)



Then I moved on to Imogen Belfield jewellery, WOW! As Becks attempted to explain the mind boggling way that Imogen creates her stunning gold and porcelain jewellery, I was merely more concerned about just how lovely, intricate and original the shapes are. No two pieces are ever the same! So when you buy into this lush brand you really are getting a one off sparkler. Imogen has created stunning rings were gold partially encases porcelain before setting in precious stones and gems. They are not rings for the retiring, but for anyone with an ounce of fashion flare, they are treats!



Couture Clubbing are the people behind innovation. Until recently they seemed to only be enjoying press in 'The New Scientist' as they strive to create new and interest fabrics. For A/W 09, CC have come up with Holographic Leather that catches the light and changes with each movement. It's truly a wonder. At the moment the showroom is housing the all black pieces, but I am reassured that brighter hues, like turquoise will soon be accenting this sculptural collection and with pieces being lent to stylists, its only a matter of time before CC will be making there fashion mag debut.


Molessa S/S 09 is one of my favourites in the show room. Again new to the London Fashion Scene, there is plenty to be said about this lady. Already having had clothes on our favourite songstresses, The Sugar Babes, Molessa's new offering for Autumn Winter 09 is simply 'Tribal Futurism'. This is a look that is rocking out across the catwalks. These sculptured shapes, alongside that edgy, rule the world look has all the hallmarks of a super on trend collection for all sassy, strong ladies out there! 



For more info on any of the above . . . info@felicities.co.uk

By Rivkie Baum

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