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Perfect Fashion


BCBG NY Fashion Week

Last week Brighton hosted the annual Science Festival, which got me thinking……Just how much does science affect the way we dress?


Metallic Leggings

My first thoughts turned to fabric, and the most obvious choice is the miracle that is Lycra.  Invented by Joe Shiver in 1958, Lycra truly transformed the way people dressed forever.  Gone were baggy, shapeless and heavy fabrics, replaced by this revolutionary material that allowed for tight-fitting, quick dry and, most importantly, non-sag apparel.  These days, Lycra is everywhere, allowing both fashionistas and the less inclined to enjoy well-fitting and comfortable clothes everyday. 


Georges Chakra NY FW

New York Fashion Week recently took science and ran with it, with Georges Chakra and BCBG both exhibiting a taste for the space-aged, showing Jetson-style, high-tech fabrics, shoulder pads and asymmetrical, liquidy silhouettes during their shows.    

Metallic Tights

Whilst head-to-toe metallics may seem a little excessive for those of us not planning a trip to the farther reaches of the galaxy any time soon, a hint of metallic can go a long way to ensure you are on trend this season.  Perfect for highlighting perfect pins, metallic tights and leggings allow for a hint of the spectacular even on a grey day, with American Apparel offering some seriously reasonable ranges.


Metallic Bikini

Although summer may seem an age away at present, this Credit Crunch is allowing for some seriously catchpenny holidays to shake the last of the winter blues away, and the futuristic direction can be easily adopted whilst catching some rays.  Most high street stores have caught on to the wonders of all thing metallic, and are offering some incredibly good deals on sexy metallic swimwear.  However, it has to be said that a silver two piece is most likely to send most of us running for the hills, so metallic or space-inspired accessories and shoes can allow for fashion without fear! 


Sapce Age 70s Vintage Cream Keyhole Dress

Turning for a moment, as ever, to the vintage options out there, many 70s designs were heavily influenced by everything futuristic (think Woody Allen's 'Sleeper'!)  and this gorgeous example shows just how fashion influences fashion, with its asymmetrical, keyhole detail and metallic finish. 

Words by Carrie

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