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Alex Evans

The winner of Britain’s Next Top Model, Alex Evans Photo: PA

Do you believe you can achieve it!!?

‘Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could achieve anything like this,’

‘But now I have proved myself wrong.’  – Alex Evans statement after winning BNTM 08


Are you just like Alex Evans and wanting to model but not truly believing it is possible?

Will you only believe it when you see it?

This week we look at the model Alex Evans who worked hard and was persistent and won Britain’s Next Top Model in 2008.

I must say I was surprised by her statement straight after winning. Surely she was passionate and knew her dreams would come true and therefore felt it was just a matter of time? Or did she just enter the competition for a laugh? Or maybe someone else applied on her behalf?

Either way I feel Alex’s case is very common among us, we say we want to be or do something but we don’t really believe we can achieve it in the real sense of the word. And by this I mean we don’t see ourselves on the billboard modeling for GAP or M&S and to believe in something you need to see yourself doing and being it – in your minds eye (In your imagination and reality).

Whatever the case, Alex Evans was the winner and with a string of successful campaigns under her belt she is living her dreams, I bet she has no doubts in her abilities now and she probably believes in herself a lot more – I bet.

I guess it is funny we don’t truly think it could happen or do we?

Alex had something special to win the judges and end up the winner, she also grow through the 12 week process and you see it all the time, the models getting positive feedback and they end up improving and gaining in confidence and skills.

Alex and many others who win these types of model competitions had regular jobs just like you and me and you need to remember this and continue to believe, maybe you may consider applying for a competition that will break you into the field a lot easier then going to 40 castings in a month – think about it!!


But either way it’s all good experience in the end.


In my case I create my reality by creating a dream board by tearing out aspiration images – so the car you want to drive, the house you want to live in and the model contract you want to obtain – cut them out of magazines and create a dream board so you keep your dreams alive and in your reality, so when it does happen you already  – believed it, saw it then had it!!


The work continues – UP NEXT WEEK!!

Until then please review your Things to DO List below – Stay focused!!

Things to do this week:

1)      What model competition would you think of entering? Start creating your dream board.

Please be honest with yourself!!

Sophia x

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