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Hair Saviours!



The intermittent sun, the styling for a great night out, the dirt of a festival and (hopefully) the sea and pool water from an unforgettable holiday.

Your hair has had to put up with all of this and here are two great ways to nurture it back into shiny, full locks. Also a great investment for the coming season of backcombing as big hair really takes off!

  Herbal Essences

The first item your hair would love is the Hello Hydration Deep Nourishment and Shine Intensive Mask (£3.99rrp) from Herbal Essences.  Hello Hydration's rich formula with exotic orchid and coconut extracts excites your senses while replenishing dry and damaged hair. This simply smells amazing and unlike some gorgeous smelling products it carries on smelling good as well as making your hair feel great.

Slap this on and lie back in a bath after a long day back at work. I have and it's perfect!


Another fantastic product is the 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor (£4.49 rrp) by Aussie. The formula with Safflower seed oil smoothes out rough hair cuticles and helps restore manageability – after all, our hair constantly suffers while we're trying to look fabulous! This product is designed to restore our poor damaged hair back to its natural bounce and shine as quickly as possible! Leave this on for just 3 minutes and your hair instantly feels smoother and more alive.

These are both available at most good chemists.

Your hair will love you. Enjoy!


Jemima x

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