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Tune in to see FashionCapital on the Rhoda Wilson Show Next Friday


Rhoda Wilson

"Rhoda Wilson meets Jenny Holloway, Fashion Designers Nkwo Onwuka and Mambo Lambo in this "fashionable" episode of The Rhoda Wilson Show.

Jenny Holloway has been working in the fashion industry for over twenty five years mostly in the private sector. Initially she was a buyer for Littlewoods, M&S and Principles for Women before opening her own label Retro. In 2000 Jenny commenced a consultancy business and was approached to be an Industry Advisor on Government funded initiatives. In March 06 Jenny incorporated Fashion Enter Ltd.

Jenny comments: "Fashion is a fun and vibrant business, however, that's exactly what it is – a business. Designers, in particular, must ensure that they fully understand all areas of their product and business and working in fashion can be a minefield. It can also be a lonely place too. Designers today have to be the master of all trades and sometimes they need someone experienced to talk to who can offer quality advice. That's exactly why we set up FashionCapital and Fashion Enter Ltd. We also work with a wide cross section of other sectors of the industry too, particularly manufacturing and logistics, therefore we can provide excellent networking opportunities to all levels of businesses throughout Clothing and Textiles."


Nkwo Onwuka is an award winning fashion designer. It started with an obsession for dolls and a mother who taught her how to sew. Nkwo earned a degree in psychology, but her love of making pretty things has turned into a thriving fashion business.

She is inspired by the wild freedom and innovation of the '60s and '70s and strong African influences. This fusion has produced a new and exciting style called 'Afro – Bohemian Chic'. This collection debuted at Kulture2Couture 2007 where she won the Phoenix Award presented by the Mayor of London's office in conjunction with the V&A.

Nkwo is dedicated to keeping Africa's traditions alive and working on projects that support communities and encourage self-sufficiency. Through African art and design, we can promote a positive image of Africa and show the world that there is more to the continent than poverty, starvation and war."

Rhoda Wilson

Avoid the freeze and stay in and stay tuned next week for Fashion Enter's first talk show appearance.

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