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The Love Story: Fashion & Cinema


If Fashion is giving points of fun to this dark global econimic Era (https://www.fashioncapital.co.uk/Lifestyle/News/The_March_Issue.html), Fashion is also making friends with Cinema. It was in the 20’s with the Hollywood’s star system when Fashion really came out to everyone’s desire. Icons (as the “Rebel without a cause’s leather jacket, or the mythic Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s) in the 50’s made Fashion become a dream for everyone. It was the beginning of the current fast-trends. The public started to follow their new heroes. They dreamt about the dresses, manners and lifestyle. And the Fashion Dream World was there to help them. A new consumer was born for the fashion and cinema industry.

But what am I talking about? Now I am talking about Today. Fashion brings us again knowledge about its relationship with the Cinema. Or perhaps it is the other way round? If it was in a past when Cinema helped the Fashion World, now Cinema is borrowing more than ever, Fashion’s key to be made beautiful.


One perfect example is “Alice in Wonderland”. This classic on the interesting director’s hands, Tim Burton, offers us the complete immersion in a Fashion work: Make-up, dress, and Sci-fi effects build a complete magical universe, despite Anne Hathaway’s performance.

a single man

And what about Tom Ford’s “A Single Man”? It is another step, that Fashion is making Cinema, or Cinema making Fashion, whatever. In fact it is a cooperative artistic building. The image is who tells you the story, the music makes you feel… You are able to enjoy your time to think, to reflect about the story (which at the same time is based on a reflection about the life), models as actors. The soundround armonised with the dress (like the Bauhaus’ Realism). Beauty in the cast, but beauty is not the main topic. And art composition encourages to a reflection about the life.


On the other side, we have the commercial aspect. And what a better example than “Sex and the City”. We are nearly about to watch the second flim, the series was the big boom. Four women with different points of view about diverse subjects, and a brand-label soundround are the key. Remember, although Fashion is able to be art, Fashion as well has an important economic side. And that is Carrie Bradshaw’s world. From the shoes to the mobile phones. Four different characters and tastes are covering almost the whole fashion-brands’ world. Moreover, Carrie usually calls her shoes by their labels, nothing else is needed to say.

But that is not all. Pick a fashion magazine. Such a prestigious magazine, such a strong link between Fashion-Cinema. And what about their own star system? The labels and the jewellery are amazing. Almost everyone follow this momentous, in one or onother way. At each cinema awards’s show the fashion designers have a very important role.

Frivolity, art, consume, everything at the same time. But I can assure you my favourite “football team” is in this league. And I’m so happy because my team sometimes remembers me it is in the Big League, it is in the Art League.

By María Linares Ortiz

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