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Internships are officially Cool



It has been announced that Lady Gaga, fashion/pop/alien extraordinaire has applied for an internship with milliner (hat design and creation) Philip Treacy who created some of her most controversial head gear.

A spokesperson for Treacy said “The request came through quite a while ago, they get on well and she (GaGa) has applied for an internship although nothing has been confirmed yet.”


Lady Gaga, avante garde queen, has been seen in many Treacey creations and it looks like there are many more to come. Treacey’s couture shows are stunning. You can view some of his gorgeous work here : http://www.philiptreacy.co.uk/

Gaga isnt the first celeb to try and widen their fashion knowledge and skills through internships, Kanye West has been working with Gap and Louis Vuitton in the past year.

Internships are such a great way to earn and learn. Many internships pay travel expenses and give the intern a wealth of knowledge and experience, other internships pay a nominal wage and sometimes these internships even turn into a full time position. It’s doubtful that Lady Gaga is going to give up stardom to become a milliner as wild as the Mad Hatter, but we can dream.

What a couple they would make…

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