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However Boutiques.com is more than just your average online shopping experience, as it aims to create an experience like no other online shopping system had done before; after you register it develops your own personal online stylist if you like. In the e-commerce world Google remained behind online giants such as Amazon and Google, however this website may just be what Google needs for a boost up the e-commerce ladder.


Once you visit the website, you will notice different sections such as clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. The typical tabs you would find on any other shopping website. But alas! When you hit the explore tab, similarly to Twitter, you are able to follow boutiques and be followed by other users with similar styles. This furthermore enables you to follow your favourite designers, an online fashion community where users with similar tastes can communicate and exchange fashion ideas, designers, favourite styles etc.


Now for the fun stuff! Hit on my Boutique tab and you will be transported to a virtual world of choices, designs, colours, prints and shapes. In this area you go through a series of selection processes from where you mark all your favourites. Once you are done, Boutiques.com tells you what style you have and then recommends fashion items which correspond to your preferences and style. Why do I find this website exciting? It’s simple, you get to choose what you love and hate, and it filters through all the designers registered onto the website to provide you with fashion, personalised just for you! Over time, the website ‘learns’  more about your style and preferences therefore in time, Boutiques.com provides you with better results and recommendations, therefore it is an ongoing live progress. On your accounts homepage you can find all your preferences, you can share with the community where your style inspiration derives from, add your website, comment, the choices are endless!


If you want to explore new styles, Boutiques.com does not restrict you to its recommendations. Personally, I find it can be quite tedious to manually filter through all these separate websites which each have thousands of items; shop till you drop becomes shop till you can’t click and this website is just what the virtual fashion world needed! Other similar website include Polyvore and ShopStyle, however Google’s own, has combined many different elements from fashion website and social networks to design a multi-faceted website.

I urge you to explore the website for yourselves, it really is a woman’s online heaven!



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