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London Fashion Week – Laura Theiss Autumn/Winter 2012



Theiss focused on our fascination with space. Creating a collection by combining craft with technology and heritage, whilst exploring different textures.  Also referencing body mutations through material, form and construction.


Theiss mainly used crocheting a traditional craft, and developing the heritage knit by experimenting with weights, textures and yarns. As well as manipulating the knit with technology creating digital patterns based on lunar rock formations.


The colour scheme to matches Theiss’s celestial theme: dark blue, metallics, icy grey, matte black and bright anomalies of colour inspired by randomness of the cosmos. To finish the outfits Theiss has created headdresses and masks, which hauntingly conceal the wearers face, further highlighting the mystery of the unknown and foreign nature of space.


Fitting to the innovative, and complex technology used to create the collection, Theiss also has a film to correspond with her collection by Oggy Yordanov.


Emily Lynch

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