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Kate Moss



She is also known for private life, relationships, party lifestyle, and drug use. Kate Moss changed the style and looks of modeling and then began a debate that went global on eating disorders, and published her size zero fashion and view on this is how it should be which was said to be very controversial . Kate Moss is estimated to have earned $9 million in one year from all of her clothing and make up lines with people like Top shop and Rimmel London as these are very popular brands. Kate’s work is mainly publicized for teenagers and the young adult age market, with smaller sizes because of her global campaign. This has been fought against but she still carries on believing everyone should be a size zero no matter what the consequences are.

Kate Moss was spotted in 1988 when she was aged 14 by Sarah Doukas; her images were described as ‘dirty realism’ or ‘grunge’ when she was in the early stages of modeling and still unknown.  In 1993 when she realized her heroin chic it was criticized and said that Moss was a ‘waif’ because of her previous photographs that had been taken to promote Calvin Klein. She was then placed on one of the most best dressed lists of vanity fair and promoted styles like wearing UGG boots and cut-off jean shorts, designer clothing and handbags. Setting trends, people were drawn to her and she became an inspiration.

Kate Moss has done campaigns with major Italian, French, American, and British designers for example; Gucci, Rimmel, Calvin Klein and many more. She has been advertised on many women’s magazines for example: vogue and Vanity Fair.  In May 2007 Kate moss designed her own collection of clothes for Top shop quite exclusively. The chain was marketed and launched in over 200 stores in the UK. This line has approximately cost Top shop £3 million for her work; the clothes are ranged at all different prices to meet the needs of all. The collection consists of T-shirts, Dresses, Skinny Jeans and many more items. Kate moss then opened another line with Barneys in New York. It is also clear that Kate moss has four fragrances and a makeup line with Rimmel London. Then in 2010 she launched a range of luxury handbags.


Kate Moss support Breakthrough for Breast Cancer and featured in one of their advertising campaigns in 1990. She has supported a cause named war child and designed a necklace in which can hold charms in 2007 for Wallis to help cancer and raise money. She then said “I am happy to give my support to help fund crucial research, as so many lives are affected by this terrible disease”. Kate Moss then created a short Film with a character named Misery Bear in March 2011 for comic Relief.

A £1.5m 100% gold statue of Kate moss was made in 2008 as part of one of the British Museum Exhibits named Siren. Mar Quinn made the 50 kg statue that is hollow and then described Moss as “the ideal beauty of the moment”. The statue of Kate Moss is said to be one of the largest statues since the ones created in Ancient Egypt, and was created and inspired by this.

Kate Moss’s debate is still continuing, as it is a very controversial issue that takes place and has been broadcasted widely all over the world. A lot of younger girls are aspiring to be like and look like her and other models, which can have a direct influence on increasing eating disorders per year. Images of skinny celebrities and models, like Kate Moss, are continually publicised all over the magazines with the main focus being their bodies and children are exposed to it being right when it’s not. Kate Moss is very unique in the fashion industry; she has a very waifish image and is quite short for what a general supermodel should be. Recently she commented “nothing feels as good as skinny feels” , which has left critics appalled and stated that she has a lack of sensitivity. Some are worried that her own daughter could develop a eating disorder because of Kate’s view. The media are reporting that Kate is now becoming a bad role model as lots of girls strive and aspire to have her image that is portrayed in the press. There has now been a ban on having size zero women taking part in the catwalk because of the serious health implications it can be having on them. In 2007 and since, any girl under 16 is not allowed to take part in any professional fashion sho because of all the increasing amounts of pressure for models to be skinny.


With all the current work Kate does, it it is surprising she has time for much more. Currently she has joined Simon Cowell and Phillip Green to launch a one billion pound empire which has been invested to create a global entertainment company. However, whether it will go ahead it is uncertain. Otherwise Kate’s work at Topshop and her make-up campaigns with Rimmel London will continue and she will continue to be a  role model to girls no matter what the press is saying.

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