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Yanina Couture Show in Paris



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A strong theme throughout all of the looks is Russian furs and headpieces. As difficult as it is to stay stylish throughout cold winter months, Yanina has managed to create a collection that does exactly that, with thick velvet for warmth embellished with delicate lace and fur cuffs. Bright red lipstick and sleek up-dos are other things modelled stunningly on all the models, again a trend hinting at Russian fashion. Not only is fur warm for the winter months, but in these dresses and coats it acts as an accessory. Smart tailoring can also be seen in coats and trousers, still with the traditional Yanina velvet.

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Feminine 50s silhouettes, slim waists, full length skirts and bell sleeves all create a sleek, stylish look to all of the dresses which contrasts to the short, flirty 60s styles seen in the Spring/Summer collection this year. Fringe shawls compliment black figure-shaping dresses, creating almost fan shaped silhouettes for evening events. Yanina also includes translucent chiffon on tops and sleeves which flatter any figure and add an elegant embellishment to make classic shapes more interesting. Velvet appliqué on this see-through material can be seen in a few dresses add feminine details and prevent having to wear tops underneath the chiffon material which can ruin the elegance of simple designs. Floral patterns are seen on a lot of the outfits, almost giving the collection a slightly summery feel.

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