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Find Your Most Flattering Neckline


When deciding which necklines to wear you need to be aware of several things. How prominent are your collarbones? Is your neck wide or thin, long or short? Do you have a big or small bust? How at ease do you feel highlighting these areas?

Choosing your individual neckline is an important decision since it sits so close to your face, as well to your bust. Everyone notices a good or bad neckline when speaking or looking at someone. It’s a focal point you need to get right no matter what you wear or what the occasion is. It is part of your first impression and will always underline how you come across and stress what you’ve got to say. So, before choosing your neckline of your preference you need to know which neckline style will suit your build. As always, not everyone can wear every single neckline. So, it is not only down to what you want to highlight but also what you should highlight. Necklines are great features for adding personality, or a signature so really have fun with it.








More info to the necklines: http://www.joyofclothes.com/style-advice/clothing-guides/necklines/necklines-overview.php

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