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The Queen of Hoxton’s WigWamBam


The WigWamBam is back in full swing located on the edge of the city, high above Shoreditch and you can’t miss it, it is swathed in beautiful, bright fairy lights.



We are delighted it decided to come back for its second winter, and you will be too after your first visit to the themed rooftop!



It is like being in brownies / cub scouts / at festivals / camping trips with friends all over again and I’m sure we weren’t the only ones reminiscing over the fond memories.

It is the perfect sanctuary to escape the city and settle down by the crackling fire pit. You get marshmallows to toast, S’mores and even a spiked hot chocolate (you get to decide which dark spirit you want in yours.) What’s not to love about this perfect winter getaway!



The Schwenkgrill hangs in the centre of the Tipi with mouth-watering meat on it. You get a ceramic mug of amazing veggie Scotch broth if you’re a veggie. It is basically the outdoors brought indoors.

There are events while you fill yourself with food and drinks so make sure to keep checking the programme so there’s no chance of you missing out! If you missed out on the WigWamBam last year do not make the same mistake again as I can promise you it’s an experience you will absolutely love!




Queen of Hoxton
1 – 5 Curtain Road




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