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The Maxi Dress Code For Every Body Shape


The maxi dress is an all year around fashion favourite and loved by women of any body shape, size or age. The result of that ” Maxi Dresses” are not anymore only choices for special occasions, holidays or only after dark choices. They have made their way into our day to day life. And since the movie Sex in the City 2 has been screened and we saw Carrie Bradshaw lounging in a green maxi dress on her couch while watching TV with her hubby we have discovered just another “Maxi Dress” occasion. With so many wear outs out of one dress your Maxi Dress should hit all the all the right style boxes . It should suit your body shape, body size, neckline, bust and arm size. It is just another  fashion myth that as long as you get the right size in your maxi dress that you don’t have to worry about a fit, because it is covers up all of your body. Size is nothing without suitability! Otherwise it is back to all of the same: You are creating the wrong attention to the wrong features and creating the wrong effect to your visual body balance. So, make your next “Maxi Dress” into a keeper with maximum impact and wear it many versatile ways- especially for the upcoming party and Christmas season ahead!


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Neat Hourglass: Anything Goes!


Full Hourglass: Show off your curves by following your body shape. You have  already got the attention because of your curves, so don’t hide them with patterns and clutter. Less is more here.


Apple : Remember attention has to be the in the first and lower third. So go for only lower necklines  and choose only empire Lines  or straight lines in your maxi Dress, because they will give you room for your fullest point and as well as structure and will make you look visually balanced.


Pear:  Empire lines work best for this shape and be easy on patterns and definitely stay clear of pleats, ruffles, layers on your lower half. Remember the drama stays on top only.


Lean Hourglass: is all about adding volume and curves to their body shape. So, any clutter and volume around shoulders, bust and hips work well here . Straight lines as shift dresses need another thought, because they can make them quickly look like a tooth pick.


Rectangle: The most important thing is to create the illusion of a waist.  Best are that have any asymmetrical lines around the waistline. Rounder patterns like floral or animal print are always better than abstract prints, because they will  make you more angular. Remember you don’t need edges but curves at the right places!


Inverted Triangle has exactly the opposite rule to a pear. Therefore the drama starts on the lower half. Best are strapless or dropped waist lines . Details such as pleats, busy pattern, fuzzy styles are all superb in the skirt part of the dress.


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Written by: Michaela Jedinak | Co- founder and personal stylist | Joy of Clothes

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