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Style Resolutions


 Summer still seems like forever away and everyone seems to be making all sorts of resolutions – eat less chocolate, quit smoking and so on. 

Now, while there may be nothing wrong with New Year’s Resolutions, it’s rare to find someone who is excited about theirs. Unless of course, they’ve made a New Years Style Resolution! Don’t panic, you still get to shop your heart out and lust after as many clothes clothes, bags and beauty products as you want to; style resolutions are much more about the do’s then the don’ts – Heres our top five ideas to get you ladies going…


Style Resolution #1- Find/Develop your own style.

Decide that this will be the year to dress for yourself. Don’t get stuck on every single fashion trend that comes out just because it’s “in,” or buy the latest dress every blogger is talking about. Buy and wear clothes that you most identify with and that you feel comfortable in- you’ll feel and look much better for it!


Style Resolution #2- Wear More Colour

Whether it’s on your nails, face, in your clothing or all three! If you tend to stick to neutral colours then maybe this is the resolution for you? With so many colours to choose from, and so many ways to incorporate colour in your wardrobe, there’s really no excuse!


Style Resolution #3 – Upcycle

Take a look at all those clothes that you’ve worn once or twice and are currently lurking in the back of your wardrobe. Decide which ones are worth saving and get customizing! Use ribbon, spare buttons, fabric off-cuts and whatever else you can find- you’ll save a pretty penny, and it’s a sure way to make sure you won’t be caught in the same outfit as someone else!


Style Resolution #4 – Invest in some classic pieces

Do you find yourself buying fast fashion on a regular basis, only to find they’re in the bag marked ‘Charity Shop’ a few weeks later? If the answer is yes it sounds like you need to invest in some classic pieces for your wardrobe. It’s worth spending a little more on the classics, as they’ll last you longer and best of all, they’re not going to go out of fashion. Even if your style changes overtime, you’ll still be reaching for those classic pieces.


Style Resolution #5 – Get out of your comfort zone.

We’ve all done it. Seen someone wearing something amazingly cool and thought, ‘AHHH, I wish I could pull that off!’ It sounds cliché, but it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. Make 2013 the year you step out of your comfort zone, take the plunge and wear whatever you want!


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